Chandy Oommen’s funeral honored with humility

    Funeral procession of Chandy
    Source - The Times of India

    Despite an earlier decision by the state cabinet to award all formal honours for the ceremony, the funeral of veteran Congress politician Chandy Oommen has been arranged as per his last desire. Chandy Oommen, who served as Kerala’s Chief Minister twice, died recently, leaving an everlasting effect on the state’s political scene.

    In expressing his father’s final wish, Chandy’s son disclosed that before travelling for medical treatment in Germany, the late leader asked that his funeral not be accorded state honours. The family expressed this sentiment to the state administration, which finally respected and honoured the late leader’s decision.

    The funeral procession began in Thiruvananthapuram and worked its way across the severely packed MC Road to Kottayam. Thousands of fans and well-wishers gathered on both sides of the road to pay their respects. People from all walks of life, including pregnant women, disabled people, and elderly men and women, gathered to pay their respects to Chandy Oommen, who was much regarded for his warm personality.

    The travel to Kottayam took longer than expected due to the large number of mourners who wanted to say their final goodbyes to the revered leader. Displays of affection accompanied the funeral cortege, with some holding lit candles and others pouring flowers on the low-floor AC bus carrying Chandy Oommen.

    Baselios Marthoma Mathews III, the head of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, will officiate at the funeral rituals. A dedicated tomb within the church grounds has been constructed to create a monument honouring the beloved politician’s life and legacy. Chandy Oommen dedicated and committed himself to his state and its people, leaving an unforgettable mark on the hearts of those he served.

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