Death squad member rapes 12-year boy at Awaran, occupied Balochistan

(Representative photo)
(Representative photo)

A death squad member backed by the Pakistan Army sexually assaulted a twelve year old boy on Wednesday in district Awaran of occupied Balochistan. The rapist was Eid Muhammad alias Pero (son of Karim Dad) who abducted the twelve year old Azhar Ali at gun point and carried him off on his motorbike. Eid Muhammad then raped Azhar Ali, threw him off in an unconscious state and fled.

Azhar Ali (son of Asghar Ali) is a resident of Alangi area in ​​Mashkey Valley, district Awaran of occupied Balochistan.

Local sources in Balochistan told News Intervention that Eid Muhammad alias Peru belongs to Pakistan-backed armed group popularly known as “death squad”, the members of which are involved in various violent crimes. Referring to Wednesday’s incident the local sources said that Azhar Ali was on his way home after his tuition classes when Eid Muhammad kidnapped and raped him.

The family members of Azhar Ali approached local police station to report about the incident but were turned away. After much persuasion the local police reluctantly filed an FIR against Eid Muhammad.

However, the next day Pakistan Army soldiers visited the police station at Mashkey Valley in Awaran and ordered the policemen to withdraw the FIR against rapist Eid Muhammad. “The (Pakistan) Army personnel told the policemen that Eid Muhammad is working under their supervision and that the FIR needs to withdrawn,” a local Baloch national told News Intervention.

It should be noted that it is not the first incident in Mashkey Valley, and such incidents have been happening with a regular frequency in these areas for a long time. Pakistan is utilizing these death squad personnel for such heinous acts in Balochistan. Rape, molestation and violent sexual assaults on women, girls have been very common. In recent times, violent sexual assaults on young boys have also increased. However, due to strict media censorship by Pakistan across occupied Balochistan and lack of communication access these heinous crimes are rarely reported by the mainstream media.


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