Deepika Padukone talking about mental health at the global stage

(Photo: Deepika Padukone/Instagram)

Superstar Deepika Padukone recently attended a fundraising event in New York hosted by the Youth Anxiety Center. She flew to New York for one night to participate in this event as she considers mental health an extremely important issues and something really close to her heart. The actress had opened up about her depression several years ago. Since her recovery, the actress has worked really hard to remove the stigma around depression in India and has been a fighter for mental health awareness.

Deepika, revealed in an Instagram post, after the event,  that the lessons she has learnt from battling depression are patience and hope. Deepika posted two pictures of herself at the fundraiser, writing: “Mental illness has presented society with a very tough challenge. But my experience with the illness has taught me so much; to be patient, for one, but most importantly that there is ‘Hope’!”

The fundraising dinner also saw a host of celebrities in attendance to raise awareness about anxiety, including Anna Wintour and Kendall Jenner. At the dinner, Deepika also gave a speech about her experience with depression and what helped her overcome it.

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