Delhi Horse Show till April 7

(Photo: EFI India)

Delhi Horse Show is back and will continue till April 7. The show is being conducted by the Army Polo & Riding Centre at the Army Equestrian Centre here. Over 500 competitors would display their skills in four different categories at the show. Participating teams and contingents include those from the Army, paramilitary, police forces, riding clubs, institutes, schools and colleges.

Over 400 horses are participating in the event which got underway on Friday. Competitors are grouped in four categories senior, young rider, junior and children. The events will be conducted in the early morning and late in the evening under floodlights

The Delhi Horse Show has been in existence since the early part of 20th century. It was discontinued in 1979 as the grounds of the Red Fort were no longer available and as a result the public interest waned. The show was revived in 1986 under the aegis of the President’s Estate Polo Club.

This show will feature events ranging from the more serious Dressage and Show Jumping events for India’s top riders to fun gymkhana events for children and teenagers.

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