Don’t expect any good from Pakistan: Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, Godfather of the Balochistan freedom struggle.
Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, Godfather of the Balochistan freedom struggle (Photo: News Intervention)

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, godfather of the Balochistan freedom struggle, came down heavily on Pakistan for its support and encouragement to the ‘Death Squad’ members whose crimes continue unabated across occupied Balochistan. He said that while Baloch nation is protesting against the tragedy in Dannuk and demanding justice for Bramsh, the brutalities and cruelties of Pakistan Army and the sponsored Death Squads have been gaining momentum.

Due to absence of Dannuk’s coverage in the so called “mainstream media”,
and subsequent peaceful protests across occupied Balochistan, the Pakistan Army has been carrying out its atrocities with impunity. “The increased momentum of crimes is Pakistan Army’s message to the Baloch nation that it would not halt the Baloch genocide no matter how peaceful is people’s demonstration,” Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said in a statement.

On May 25 Death Squad criminals had attacked the house of Malik Naz Baloch in Dannuk. These death squad goons killed Malik Naz and seriously injured her four year child Bramsh. Entire Balochistan has been protesting peacefully and demanding justice for Bramsh.

Click on the link to watch News Intervention’s video report on the Dannuk incident.

He added that on June 7 in Pedark, local Death Squads of the Sardar Aziz’s gang entered a house and harassed the residents of that house and looted valuables including jewelry. Sardar Aziz and his son Shahmeer Alami are key members of the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Khurasan which is the Balochistan wing of Daesh or the ISIS. They have the full support of Pakistan’s establishment including the army and intelligence agencies. This group has killed numerous innocent people and looted many houses in Gorkop, Pedrak and Pasni as well across the coastal areas of Balochistan. Sardar Aziz’s Death Squad is very active and plays with the honor, dignity, lives and wealth of common people. There are several camps of this militia in the region of Pedrak where they are training religious extremists and terrorist groups. They recruit from across different regions of Balochistan.

“Death Squads are active throughout Balochistan, including the areas of Mashkay, Raghai and other adjacent areas. Death Squads have been playing havoc in these areas. On May 21 they raped a student Azhar Ali (son of Asghar Ali) inside a military camp in Mashkay Alangi. An FIR was lodged against the culprits when the people of the area protested. But after a few days, the army intervened directly to protect the criminals and exerted pressure on the victim’s family and forced them to withdraw their FIR,” explained Dr Allah Nazar Baloch.

He further added that the crimes of these Death Squad has touched unprecedented levels where innocent children, women and honor of the people are not safe. “In some cases where the police try to take action, the ISI and Pakistan Army intervene to protect their goons and silence people through the barrel of gun. Hence asking help from the law enforcement agencies and police would be tantamount to suicide as it would bring the wrath of the army on those who seek help.”

“I want to make this clear, no one should expect any good, peace and security from Pakistan and its system, because goodness, peace and security are not part of a colonial power’s psychology. If Pakistan was a civilized and cultured nation then probably our dignity and honor would have been safe, but Pakistan is like a wanton animal that lacks such values. Therefore, the Baloch nation should utilize their energies for national liberation because freedom from Pakistan is the only way to get a respectful and dignified life,” Dr Allan Nazar Baloch urged the people of occupied Balochistan.


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