Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch to escalate Baloch freedom struggle

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch Vows Relentless Struggle in Audio Message
Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch (Photo - X)

In a 20-minute audio message released on April 7, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, the chief of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), has vowed to intensify the struggle for an independent Balochistan and claimed the movement is making steady progress towards its goal.

Addressing the Baloch nation, the leader said that the Army’s efforts to suppress the independence have failed. “Our struggle is moving towards success and victory. The enemy’s plan to reduce our population has failed,” he declared in the message released by the BLF’s media wing “Aashob”.

Dr. Baloch said that Pak Army is plundering Balochistan’s natural resources but the relentless struggle has limited its ability to do so. He urged the diaspora Baloch to contribute financially to the “freedom fighters” and extend all possible support to keep the movement resilient.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

Lashing out at Pak-occupied-Balochistan’s elected representatives, he called them of being puppets controlled by the Pak Army and facilitating the “Punjabi occupiers”. He dismissed the provincial and national assemblies as rubber stamps legitimizing Islamabad’s oppressive policies.

In his statement, he said that as you have seen: They have made the cheapest deal by bringing in a large number of drug mafia, drug dealers, and hired killers. These people are war profiteers.

Dr. Baloch applauded the global recognition of the “Baloch genocide” and human rights abuses, stating it has vindicated the movement’s legitimacy. He vowed that neither China’s Belt and Road projects nor the Reko Diq gold mines can proceed without Baloch consent.

Punjabi occupiers

Dr Baloch said that just like the British colonial rule that awarded the title of Nawab to service providers to protect its interests, the Pakistan Army created by the British is also following British imperial policies by awarding Tamgha-e-Jurat, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, etc. He further said that one would be surprised that even those who take pride in being Nawabs also take pride in being awarded these medals. The Nawabs did nothing but serve the British colonial rule. They aided the British army, and in return were awarded the titles of Nawabs, lands and big properties.

Furthermore, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that the Baloch community bravely rejected all the members of parliament in the so-called elections!


He said that a wise man said, “Freedom is not something that is served to you on a plate. Shedding sweat and blood is required for freedom.” You need to share your half bread with your brother. Whether you are in Balochistan or abroad, you need to share your half capital with your brothers.

He further said that Pakistan will never let the Baloch and Pashtuns live in peace. Because the way the Baloch and Pashtuns resisted the British aggression. And the Punjabis were subservient to them. That is why the Baloch and Pashtuns are being punished.

He said that therefore, the Baloch people should never retreat from regaining the same autonomy that Balochistan, until the last breath and the last drop of blood! We have made the world acknowledge the fact that our struggle is for freedom. Neither China nor any other country, will succeed, unless the will, desire, and consent of the Baloch is involved.

Until Last Breath

He further said that, “I want to pay tribute to all the Baloch martyrs, to every youth and elder of the nation who has played a role for this cause and is playing. We are confident that we will regain our freedom, and with your cooperation, we will get it soon”. Finally, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said: as the blessed Qazi Sahib says: “The struggle for freedom never gets old. If anyone says otherwise, consider it a lie.”

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