Dr Allah Nazar praises Baloch freedom fighters for Karachi stock exchange attack

Majeed Brigade of the BLA that attacked Karachi Stock Exchange
Majeed Brigade of the BLA that attacked Karachi Stock Exchange

Baloch youth are sacrificing themselves to crush the colonial arrogance of the occupying enemy and not for fame and glory, said Dr Allah Nazar Baloch the prominent pro-independence leader of occupied Balochistan, as he paid tributes to the Baloch freedom fighters martyred in Karachi.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch while paying his tributes to the freedom fighters martyred in Karachi said that the attack on Karachi Stock Exchange was a warning to Pakistan and China to quit Balochistan. “The Baloch nation has decided to take extreme steps to expel them from Balochistan. The great sacrifices of martyr Salman Hamal, Taslim Baloch, Shehzad Baloch and Siraj Kongar who hail from different parts of Balochistan will always be remembered not only by the Baloch nation in golden words but will also be remembered by all the oppressed nations who fight for their freedom in any part of the world.”

He said that China is a modern day imperialist and an aggressive power. China has made a long term hegemonic plan to use Gwadar as a launching pad by turning Balochistan into an undeclared colony to dominate the world. “Pakistan has cheaply mortgaged Baloch lands to China. China’s presence in Balochistan has become a threat not only to the Baloch national survival but it poses a danger to the entire world. We believe that the world is still unaware of China’s intentions and that the Baloch are the only ones fighting the modern imperialist monster. The attack on the base of Chinese moneylenders in Karachi after the attack on the Chinese base in Gwadar is a continuation of the attacks on its strategic assets. The Baloch will continue it, no matter what the cost,” Dr Allah Nazar explained with a firm determination.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, Chief of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and revered leader of Balochistan's Freedom Struggle against Pakistan.
Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, Chief of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and revered leader of Balochistan’s Freedom Struggle against Pakistan.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch further added that for some Balochistan may be a part of Pakistan but for us, Balochistan is our motherland. “We will not hesitate to sacrifice our lives for its sanctity, national identity and freedom. Pakistan not only occupies our land but has also leased our land to China under the guise of projects like CPEC. Agreements with China on Balochistan are concealed from the Baloch nation and they are so dangerous that Pakistan is not even able to present those agreements in front of its own parliament and senate. The fate of Balochistan is being negotiated with Chinese imperialists through the military generals in the GHQ, Rawalpindi. Nevertheless, if anyone insists on calling it development and economic projects for Balochistan, we consider them as partners in crime with the enemy.”

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch explained that the basis of violence comes from occupation and all the roots of violence are implicit in the occupation of Balochistan. “We learn the lessons of revolutionary war from the thoughts of personalities like Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh and the Baloch national traditions. Today, few so-called intellectuals are critical of our revolutionary war, and according to them our attacks justify Pakistani violence. They do not see the tears of Hasiba and Seema whose innocent relatives continue to be forcibly disappeared for years. During which attacks were their loved ones caught red-handed by the state army and thrown in secret detentions? Why don’t they notice the fact that Pakistan and China have made a practical decision to wipe out the Baloch nation from Balochistan?” He added: “Pakistan’s barbarism and violence have been going on for seventy years now. Pakistan’s atrocities and barbarism, the tears of Baloch daughters on the streets are increasing the intensity of our war. These tears are to be avenged on Pakistan and its allies. I am well aware that Pakistan will increase Baloch genocide by using such attacks, but it will not be able to wipe us out.”

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch reiterated that the Baloch nation is fighting a revolutionary war. “The young who are treasures of their mothers do not go on an attack just for fame or due to madness but to convey the message of their oppression to the world and to break the pride of the enemy. They certainly hope that the Baloch nation will not let their sacrifice to go in vain. The attack on the moneylender’s base in Karachi is a link to this. The caravan shall continue. We must remember that we are numerically, militarily and technologically weaker against the enemy. Guerrilla warfare, among other factors, is an important weapon for the weak. This is the legacy of revolutionaries all over the world and the Baloch youth will contribute to this legacy.”


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