Dr. Allah Nazar remembers Shaheed Rahmat Khan aka Hakim Jan

Shaheed Rahmat Khan alias Hakim Jan embraced martyrdom while fighting Pakistani SSG Commandos and death squads on Jan 21, 2015. (Photo: News Intervention)
Shaheed Rahmat Khan alias Hakim Jan embraced martyrdom while fighting Pakistani SSG Commandos and death squads on Jan 21, 2015. (Photo: News Intervention)

All of us tend to fall weak sometimes. It happens to everyone. We may think that some people are immune to it, but that is not true. It happens to everyone: Men, women, children, and the elderly. But when you feel vulnerable, you show strength during the most difficult times. We all know Shaheed Rahmat Khan as a man of dignity who stood firm and did his duty, putting his cause on top priority. He had a great sense of humor and satire, a leader and a commanding figure among his comrades. He’s the man we are familiar with but he had a brave woman, his wife Lumma (Abida), behind him who supported him no matter the circumstances. Consequently, her two young sons were also martyred, and yet she continued to live with a smile that hid all her pain. Abida’s courage is a hope for the Baloch nation.

“Shaheed Hakim Jan started his political career as an ordinary activist, garnering public support for the Baloch cause and started facilitating Baloch sarmarchaars (freedom fighters) with ration and equipment. Hakim Jan was always ready for us,” remembers Dr. Allah Nazar. “Even if I write a book, it may not describe the man he was. We are of the same age, only one week apart. He and I went to the same school in Jebri (Mashkay) until matriculation then I went to Gajjar, while he stayed there, say Dr. Nazar. “He, as a brother, was always there for me. He nursed me in my sickness when I was released from the ordeal of Pakistani torture chambers. His financial support to me and the organization has been immense.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch is the revered leader of Balochistan, who is spearheading Balochistan's freedom struggle.
Dr Allah Nazar Baloch is the revered leader of Balochistan, who is spearheading Balochistan’s freedom struggle.

Dr Allah Nazar recalled that Hakim Jan was a brother, who was always there for him. “He nursed me in my sickness when I was released from the ordeal of Pakistani torture chambers. His financial support to me and the organization has been immense. He was a patriot and a hardcore nationalist. He had a poetic temperament. We used to be together all the time, just separated during study intervals. He often made fun of all of us, but his jokes were very meaningful. We laughed instead of being angry.”

“Hakim’s words and jokes were the cure for my depression and hyper-anxiety. He started his political struggle in 2002. He worked with Chairman Ghulam Mohammad and Dr. Mannan for years. After many years he left BNM and joined BLF to mark the story of his braveness on the battlefields. Being a combat commander he handled inter-organizational politics very well,” explained Dr Allah Nazar.

Dr. Allah Nazar further added that Hakim Jan had a unique habit that all across Balochistan, if anyone was martyred, he couldn’t sit in peace until attacking and inflicting losses to the Pakistani forces. “He always promised to all the martyrs that he will sacrifice himself along with his children to avenge their unjust deaths. Indeed, he kept his promise and sacrificed himself, his children, and everything he had. Dr Allah Nazar reminisces that Shaheed Rahmat contributed a lot but never boasted like others. “He was a true soldier and a seasoned guerrilla who never cared about credit. Due to his simplicity, sincerity, bravery, honesty, and abilities, he became a commander soon after joining the guerrilla camp. He led more than 60 soldiers. He divided his combat soldiers into two wings and handled both separately.”

Shaheed Rahmat Khan, also known as Hakim Jan, was a brilliant Baloch commander. He embraced martyrdom while fighting the Pakistani SSG Commandos and local death squads on Jan 21, 2015. (Photo: News Intervention)

Dr. Allah Nazar added that Hakim Jan stood in front of enemies like a mountain. “On every battlefield, he defeated the enemies. Whether the enemy was the Pakistani Army or its local death squad, he fought them fiercely and fearlessly. He was a beacon of hope for us. His prime quality was that he knew how to handle people. He was never worried about himself but always took care of his friends, even if he had to face bullets. He always went first. He bought good stuff and high-quality arms and bikes for the guerrilla camps.”

Dr. Allah Nazar revealed that “…Rahmat was the first in our movement who took his children and made them work for the organization. Even though he loved his kids more than anything else yet he was ready to sacrifice everything for Balochistan. After his martyrdom, BLF made his elder son Farhad (alias Hoshaam) as the commander of 60+ guerrillas. Farhad was martyred in Mehi with Shayhak Jan, Safar Khan, and 13 others. Pakistan Army didn’t even hand over Farhad’s body to his family. No one knows whether he was injured and arrested by the army or martyred. Earlier, Rahmat Khan’s younger 15 years old son Meraj Baloch was shot dead by the Pakistan Army in Mashkay.”

Today Hakim Jan’s entire family is in the struggle for freedom of Balochistan. Two of his sons were martyred, one of his sons got injured in a battle, and one of his seven years old son Meer Jaan died due to an illness because Pakistani forces didn’t allow his family to avail good medical facility. “Neither his wife Abida has any regrets nor his friends. Because Shaheed Rahmat was a revolutionary who had known very well what line of work he was in and mentally prepared his family for what they might face. Abida says that only two of her sons remain but I am ready to sacrifice them whenever our motherland Balochistan requires. I will happily send them as well.”

Dr. Allah Nazar explained that several people joined our cause because of Rahmat and his children. “They were inspired by Rahmat Khan and his family’s contributions and sacrifices. Rahmat’s inspired soldiers are still fighting in the mountains, and many of them were martyred too.” Dr. Allah Nazar said that Rahmat used to say we are brothers, we are cohorts, but when it comes to the motherland I won’t tolerate any mistakes; if I ever see any action that is negatively affecting our organization or motherland, I will not show leniency. He always wanted progress. Every time his harsh criticism led us towards betterment. He expressed desire regarding the movement shortly before his martyrdom. He said we should resolve our differences and internal rifts with mutual consent.

Remembering that the atmosphere at that time was like all the armed organizations were thirsty for each other’s blood. Shaheed Hakim said that we should end our differences, consolidate our power against the enemy and defeat it. His wish was to unite all the armed organizations under a new umbrella organization namely Baloch Army (BA). But unfortunately, his dream was never realized and he was martyred on the battlefield.

Shaheed Hakim said, “Our aim should be to fight the enemy, no matter under what name, we are all one.” He hated the negative propaganda that was being spewed against each other. The character of Shaheed Hakim and his resolve can be gauged by the fact that, whenever some disgruntled soldier of BLF came to Shaheed Hakim to hand over his gun, he would say, “Go to someone else. I’m not going to take it”. They usually went to Shaheed Shayhak to hand over their guns. Many of those friends are still fighting; some of them have surrendered and are with the enemy; some have been martyred. Shaheed Gulzaman was one of them.

Those cowards, who surrendered, have become Baloch national traitors now. Their hands are stained with the blood of the Baloch people. They are involved in the arrest of Baloch mothers and sisters. It has become their job to loot houses and burn them down. “Rahmat aka Hakim was martyred on January 21, 2015 while fighting against Pakistan Army’s SSG commandos and local death squads. He got the news that our comrades have been surrounded by them. He took Commander Shayhak and went to the battlefield. They killed more than twenty SSG commandos and snatched their gun and 7 bikes. After hours of the fight, they fired on commander Shayhak and Hakim. Hakim stood bravely and fired back on them, and was shot in the chest. He laughed and told Shayhak, “I got shot.” Shayhak said, may Allah forbid please don’t make such jokes. He then lay down and Shayhak put his head on his lap. Hakim was martyred,” Dr Allah Nazar explained the sequence of events that led to Hakim Jan’s martyrdom.

Dr. Allah Nazar added that the Baloch nation has lost a great hero, a great guerrilla commander, and a great leader. “Till now no one has been able to replace him. His place will always remain vacant. I believe Hakim Jan’s ideology of an independent and prosperous Balochistan will live forever and the only way to honor his wishes is to struggle for a Free Balochistan. No one can stop this struggle.”

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