Enforced disappearance of six people by Pak Army sparks outcry in POB

Enforced disappearance cases on surge in Pak-occupied Balochistan
Victims of Enforced Disappearance (Photo: News Intervention)

In a concerning incident in Mashkay tehsil of Awaran district of Pak-occupied Balochistan, six individuals including two brothers have reportedly disappeared since Thursday.

The victims have been identified as Amjad and Ali, sons of Deen Muhammad; Mehboob, son of Yar Jan; Taj Muhammad, son of Muhammad Ibrahim; Baloch, son of Dil Murad; and Abdullah, son of Abdul Qadir were detained by the Pak Army after participating in a protest rally against the forced disappearances.  

The rally was organized against the ongoing atrocities of enforced disappearances caused by the Pak Army and the rally spanned from Gorjak to Malash-band.

During the said incident of enforced disappearance, Abdullah, the son of Abdul Qadir was detained in custody and when Taj Muhammad approached the camp to inquire about Abdullah’s disappearance, he also went missing.

In 2017 Mehboob’s father Yar Muhammad was killed in the Gichk area of Panjgur district by the Pak Army-supported ‘death squad’ showcasing the surge in the cases of enforced disappearance in Pak-occupied Balochistan.

This is not an isolated incident but numerous cases are being reported from various districts yet alone in the first half of May.  

The Pak Army has relocated five individuals to an undisclosed location after their enforced disappearance from the districts of Kech and Bolan in Pak-occupied Balochistan. The victims are identified as Kamran son of Abdul Baqi, Saeed son of Musa, Farhad son of Abdul Ghaffar, and two brothers Sagheer Sajjad and Qadeer Sajjad. Both the brothers were taken into custody by the Pak Army from their residence in Miri Kalat yesterday at midnight.

As per the accounts of the family members, the Pak Army raided their house around midnight and took both the brothers into custody, but Qadeer was released shortly afterwards. No information was provided to the family by the Pak Army. The family has demanded the immediate safe recovery of Sagheer Sajjad from the local administration.

The Pak Army also detained a youth named Kamran from Bolan Mach yesterday, who is now missing. Similarly, two weeks ago, the Pak Army took two young men, Saad son of Musa and Farhad son of Ghaffar into custody from Tump Militant, after which both of them are missing.  

Recently, the body of Arsalan, son of Islam was recovered from Pasni. Arsalan who was a teacher at a private school was abducted from Panjgur on Tuesday night.

These stories provide a glimpse into the longstanding pattern of human rights abuses perpetrated by the Pak army against the innocent Baloch community, a struggle that has endured since March 27, 1948.

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