Ex-Faujis condemn the self-serving celebrities for their Open Letter to PM


More than 100 retired defence officers have strongly condemned and criticized the Open Letter written to the PM recently by a group of 49 people from diverse creative fields. Given below is the statement issued by these veterans.

An open letter to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been written by some self-styled custodians of democracy and freedom of speech, led by the likes of Aparna Sen and others. The letter has been published on July 23, 2019. It was signed by some 49 so called celebrities.

The letter has deeply hurt our sentiments, the sentiments of the veteran soldiers. The letter is one sided and quotes only selective incidents. The tone and tenor of the letter seems to please our enemies, rather than an effort to solve our problems. 

We are hurt that their diatribe did not even spare “Shree Ram”. “Shree Ram” has been the soul and spirit of this country for millennia. We have survived the invaders for more than a thousand years only through our patience and faith in “Shree Ram”. We the soldiers fight for our country and uphold all faiths and religions. But when someone tries to demean the majority faith, we really feel hurt. It becomes difficult for the Military leadership to keep the morale high among the soldiers. The soldier whose religion is attacked, feels demoralised.

We felt for long that there are black sheep among us, the enemy within. But now we know them. It was strange and shameful that within a day or so when our country was celebrating the great feat of Chandrayaan-2 that these people rolled out this letter. They have tried to demean and belittle India in the eyes of the world. 

We were told for long that Indian cinema is in the grip of some absconding criminals and enemies of Hindu faith. Their letter gives credence to such claims for these film personalities at least. These people are either anti-Hindu & anti-national or they are on the payroll of some criminal syndicates. Their only agenda is to keep India under cloud and look for opportunities to damage its growing image.

Indian soldier, everyone knows, has always stood the tests of time to protect our territorial integrity and sovereignty under every adversity despite lukewarm to contemptible treatments by most of the earlier regimes, till Modi arrived. Everything changed as Modi arrived on the scene. There has been a sense of comfort, a breath of fresh air. The corruption has been stifled, the military procurement has been expedited and a big boost has been provided to our own Military-Industrial Complex. 

May be these people are not happy that PM Modi has stopped their loot, checked their anti-India activities and that the morale of our soldiers is very high. 

We the soldiers may not be good at pen, we may not be able to select politically correct words, but we speak from the heart. We do not mince words. For us “India is First, Always and Every Time; and Under All Circumstances”.

In the present times, we find a strong and a committed leadership in PM Narendra Modi. We, the veterans pray to God and Mother India to bless Modi with long life to continue at the helm as PM till all the anti-India forces are totally demolished.

We the following strongly condemn the letter by 49 people and request our Prime Minister to adopt zero tolerance against such people who bring bad name to our great country. They may not be terrorists but they are definitely anarchists and we request the common patriotic citizens of our country to understand their nefarious designs and shun their cheap politics.  

1. Commander VK Jaitly, Co-ordinator: ExFaujis4Nation

2. Cdr Neeraj Singla

3. Capt (IN) SK Namboori

4. Cdr Praful Tayal

5. Lt Cdr Atul Asthana

6. Air Cmde V Sehgal

7. Brig SK Sawhney

8. Col KN Jetly

9. Gp Capt Ashok K Singh

10. Cdr Vishal Bhargava

11. Col Sumesh Seth

12. Cmde RK Rana

13. Cdr Vijay K Agarwal

14. Col Sanjay Dilwaria

15. Cdr Dutta

16. Capt (IN ) Raghvendra Rai

17. Cdr Prakash Chand

18. Cdr Anurag Vibhuti

19. Lt Col Yogesh Dadu

20. Col Madhukar Nikam

21. Cdr Kulbhushan Sharma

22. Col KC Tiwari

23.  Col RS Tripathi

24. Col GK Medirtta

25. Col PK Khare

26. Col TS Gururaj

27. Col AK Singh

28. Cdr Abhinav Sapru

29. Sunil Kapila

30. Cdr RS Bala

31. Cdr Ajay Panwar

32. Col Sudhir Garg

33. Col Ajay Pathak

34. Cdr RK Dudeja

35. Lt Col Anil K Singh

36. Cmde Munjal

37. Maj Raghbir Singh

38. Cdr Bharat Chauhan

39. Cmde Seth

40. Amar Nath Pandey HFO

41. Maj TC Rao

42. Col Dr Semwal

43. Gp Capt Jindal

44. Col Sushil Choudhary

45. Gp Capt Ashok K Singh

46. Cdr VVK Arjuna

47. Cdr Sushil Jangra

48. Capt SK Thakur

49. Cdr Ms Raghunath

50. Cmde Anil Lal

51. Cdr BR Sharma

52. Cdr CM Maini

53. Cdr SK Rautray

54. AirCmde VK Mishra

55. Lt Col Sunil Yadav

56. Col Shishir Gupta

57. Capt Jagdev Singh Gulliya

58. Col JS Kaundal c

59. Capt SK Sharma (IN ) 

60. Col Prashant Jha

61. Ashok Dabas MCERA

62. Cmde SK Iyer

63. Cdr Anil Saxena

64. Cmde Ashok Khetan

65. Cdr Anil Goel

66. Cdr Ramjit Singh

67. Col DK Dass

68. WgCdr SC Mohla

69. Cmde Gopal Bharti

70. Cmde Sunil Jetly

71. Gen Prakash Panjikar

72. Raj

73. Lt Col Sanjiv Chopra

74. Subhash Bhutani

75. Lt Col AK Singh

76. Gurdarshan

77. Rajeev Ranjan

78. Gp Capt Anshlesh Saxena

79. Maj Rajesh Mishra

80. Col JP Singh

81. Cdr KM Desai

82. AB Mishra Sgt

83. R Upadhya JWO

84. Diwakar Chaubey

85. SK Mishra Air Veteran

86. Gopal Singh Chahar

87. Brig Anil Gupta

88. Col S Kaul

89. Col Gopal Singh

90. Brig Rajesh Malhotra

91. Cdr TB Rangachari

91. Col BK Sharma

92. Cdr Manoj Tayal

93. Cdr Pawan Sanan

94. Cdr Saket Singh

95. Capt Ashok Goyal

96. Wg Cdr Anil Rastogi

97. Hon Subedar Major PS Bhagel

98. Lt Cdr Rajeev Shukla

99. Brig MI Jaisi ghani

100. WgCdr GS Makkad

101. Cdr HS Saluja

102. Wg Cdr GS Makkad

103. LtCdr Vikram Singh Katoch

104. Col Uday Singh Rathore

105. RAdm MK Badhwar

106. RAdm OP Singh Rana

107. LtCdr Raj Kumar

108. Capt BC Kumavat

109. Capt KK Chaudhary

110. Capt Ishwar Rath

111. Capt Sudhir Dua

112. Maj Gen RK Sudan

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