Ex-NSUI leader Shahid arrested in Rajasthan Love Jihad case

    love jihad case
    Accused Shahid in Police custody (Photo: News Intervention)

    Yet another case of love jihad has surfaced in Rajasthan, where a radical Islamist guised himself as a Hindu in Bhilwara district to trap a girl. First, he trapped the girl and later blackmailed her.

    Shahid Khan, aka Mohd. Shahid Ghori, a manager in a cell phone network company, guised himself as Manish Sen and befriended a girl on social media.  Later, the girl, who is a student in local college, was intoxicated by Shahid through a drink. During her unconsciousness, Shahid took her obscene pictures and started blackmailing her using them.  He threatened the girl that he would make the pictures public and forcefully took her to his room. When she learnt his original identity, she fled from the house and told everything to her family. In no time, the girl reached out to the police and registered an FIR in Kotwali Police Station, following which, the Police arrested Shahid.

    When Police searched his rented room they found various fake aadhar cards, one with the name Manish Sen that he himself edited. Along with that, some documents related to his original identity have also been found. Shahid belonged to Badshah Jhanda in Pali, Rajasthan. On further enquiry, it was also revealed that the room was rented by him and he introduced himself as Manish to the owner.

    As per reports, Shahid had been an active member of NSUI and even won an election of Joint Secretary in 2014-15 from Bangad College in Pali. In past 10 years, he rented various rooms in Pali and Bhilwada with fake identities. As of now, Police is investigating Shahid’s background as police suspects him to be a serial offender, who may have trapped many more girls.

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