Explosive attack rocks Khuzdar, Pak-occupied Balochistan

Explosive Attack in Khuzdar
Explosive Attack (Representative Photo - Social Media)

On 8 Oct, an explosive incident unfolded in the Khuzdar area of Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan. Unidentified individuals threw a hand grenade and swiftly made their escape, resulting in a powerful explosion that rocked the region.

According to Khuzdar’s officials, the assailants specifically targeted Shahzad Gulmani. He is a prominent figure leading the Jhalawan Public Panel in Khuzdar, before vanishing into the night.

Pakistan Army officials quickly went to the scene and launched a thorough investigation into the incident. However, the details regarding potential casualties or the extent of the damage remain unconfirmed.

The motive behind the attack remains mystery. But the targeting of a prominent public figure has raised concerns about the situation in Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan. This is not an isolated incident. Earlier as well, various cases have been reported of the unidentified assailants targeting the region. The province has long been plagued by violence and instability, with Pakistan Army using all its might to control the people and the resources.

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