Explosive blast and shooting in Pak-occupied Balochistan injures 3

3 individuals injured due to explosive blast and shooting in Pak-occupied Balochistan
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In a series of unsettling incidents in Pak-occupied Balochistan, at least three individuals were reportedly injured and a building collapsed in three separate attacks in Naseerabad and Kharan district on Tuesday.

Reportedly, a mysterious heavy explosion occurred that demolished a building in the Dera Murad Jamali area, at the former UBL Bank DC Chowk. However, no casualties were reported due to the explosion. The motive remains unclear and authorities have launched an investigation to actively probe the incident.

Simultaneously, in a separate incident that occurred in the Kharan district, where unknown assailants opened fire in the market leaving three individuals critically injured. The victims are identified as Abdul Ghafoor Yalanzai resident of Gwash, Mohammad Yusuf Syapad, a resident of Shadizai, and Jawad Ahmad Mullazai, a resident of Kharan City.

Another incident in Kharan involved an unknown person using a hand grenade to attack the former Election Commission office. However, there were no reported casualties from the incident. Notably, Kharan City experienced its second blast incident in a week. The explosion happened earlier while the officers were being trained for the elections.

However, it is expected that these events might be because Baloch sarmachars have been opposing the Pakistan Army and their fake & rigged attempt to hold elections. They have been urging the public to abstain from election campaigns since the lead-up to the most recent elections.

Since March 27, 1948, the Baloch people have faced regular home invasions, kidnappings for ransom, target killings, forced disappearances, and torture. Exploitation has been directed towards the resource-rich provinces of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, where the Pak Army is executing an evil plan to loot the region’s wealth.

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