Family of forcibly disappeared Amir Hamza by Pak Army demand justice; block Mastung road

Family Blocks Road in protest of enforced disappearances
Family blocks road over enforced disappearance (Photo - X)

In a display of desperation and determination, the family of Amir Hamza, son of Mazar Khan, has taken to the streets in Mastung, Pak-occupied-Balochistan. Blocking the road at Jungle Cross Mastung, they demand justice for Amir Hamza, who has been forcibly disappeared.

The atmosphere is tense as negotiations with DSP Mastung have hit a dead end, leaving the road closed for several hours. Amir Hamza’s disappearance adds yet another chapter to Pak-occupied-Balochistan’s long saga of suffering.

Recently, four more youths have been forcibly disappeared by the Pak Army. The enforced disappearances are intensifying every day. Along with Amir Hamza, the rest of the victims are from Awaran, Khuzdar, and Mastung, three different districts of Pak-occupied-Balochistan. Among them, two of the victims are brothers.

Since the brutal occupation by the Pakistan Army in 1948, the region has been plagued by unrest. Daily raids, abductions, and a lack of basic infrastructure have become common, leaving the Baloch population to endure untold hardships and oppression.

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