Fencing Gwadar Port is Vicious and Inhuman: Khalil Baloch

Pakistan has initiated a vicious process to fence the Gwadar Port in an effort to separate the Baloch coast from Balochistan, said Khalil Baloch, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) in a statement on Friday.

“It is the beginning of a conspiracy to separate the coast from Baloch homeland. Baloch National Movement has been saying this since day one that Pakistan wants to increase the exploitation of the Baloch nation under the guise of euphoric slogans of development,” said Khalil Baloch. The BNM Chairman did not mince words in criticizing Pakistan and termed Gwadar Port’s fencing as Pakistan’s “vicious” attempt.

Khalil Baloch further explained that entire Balochistan, including Gwadar, has been turned into a military barrack. “Equally complicit in this exploitative process is the imperialist state of China. This fencing process is inhuman. History shows that no ruling nation has ever developed the oppressed but ambushed them in the name of development and looted its shores and other resources.”

Pakistan has begun its vicious exercise to fence the Gwadar Port. (Photo: News Intervention)

The BNM Chairman added that Pakistan’s “inhuman” act will help it to further consolidate its hold on the Baloch coast and would be followed by forcible occupation of Gwadar lands, eviction of local fishermen from the coastal areas, and formation of trailer mafia, among others.

“For a long time the Pakistani state and its followers have been propagating that the freedom seeker Baloch people are against development but today this fencing plan proves that Baloch people are not against development, rather they are against exploitation and occupation,” said Khalil Baloch.

BNM Chairman said that Pakistan is rapidly separating the Baloch coast from Balochistan to advance its imperialist ambitions. He said there is an urgent need for the Baloch nation to come together for its survival, “…the Baloch National Movement reiterates its determination to thwart any plan to forcibly occupy our land.” Khalil Baloch hoped that Pakistan’s plans could soon come to a naught and the “sun of freedom” would rise on the Baloch land.

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