Foundation Beyond Belief – Kasese School Fundraiser Success


The Foundation Beyond Belief for the Kasese Humanist School (KHS) reported on the closing of the fundraiser for the Kasese Humanist School in Uganda. Its purpose was to help the community recover from the floods that had come through its community. With some permission from the authorities in Kasese, the KHS used funds to support the families in need affected by the disaster.

In June, KHS had rationed food to 35 families in Kahendoro, 45 families in Muhokya, and 40 families in Rukoki. 110 families were helped given the numbers reported by the Foundation Beyond Belief. The exchange rate is pretty terrible for a Ugandan shilling to an American dollar with 1 dollar in American currency coming to 3,728 Ugandan shillings. However, KHS has made each shilling count.

The purchases included “large quantities of matoke (a banana used for cooking), cassava flour, bar soap, cooking oil, salt, masks, and packets of biscuits. They also dispensed 150 free masks to all the parents who came for the relief items.”

The KHS Director, Bwambale Robert, has been doing outreach work to the relevant officials at the governments of Kahendoro and Muhokya. The purpose is to give food to a contingent of orphans. Robert has been a humanist at the forefront of activism in Kasese.

He has been providing monetary assistance to the educators who are struggling with the floods and COVID-19 coming into Uganda.

KHS’s Director Bwambale Robert has also been reaching out with government officials to the Muhokya and Kahendero areas of Kasese to give food to a large population of orphans, and has been providing financial support to teachers facing financial hardship due to the floods and COVID-19.

Members and contributors to the flood fundraiser were able to raise $6,000 to help individuals in need in Kasese.

With files from the Foundation Beyond Belief.

Photo by Roman Nguyen on Unsplash

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