Geneva: ‘Sindhi Lives Matter’, World Sindhi Congress

World Sindhi Council Activist Protesting With The Picture Of Afzal Lund, A Sindh Nationalist Killed By Pakistan Army (Photo: Social Media)

The voice of Sindh reached the United Nations as the World Sindhi Congress held a massive protest against Pakistan in Geneva. With the banners of Sindhi lives matter, WSC sent a strong message to the world and condemned the ongoing persecution of the native Sindhis in the region.

The protest saw a significant number of participants from across the world. The protestors raised the issue of the illegal occupation of Sindhi land by Pakistan. Along with that, WSC raised the crucial issue of persecution of Sindhi Hindus.

It is no hidden fact that Hindus are under continues threat of Pak sponsored hatred and persecution. There are hundreds of cases where minor Hindu girls are being abducted and forcibly converted to Islam. They are often married to their abductors of thrice their age. The cases of Hindu women and girls being raped are other disturbing developments in Pakistan. Besides, there have been instances when Hindu temples have been vandalised, sometimes even through a bombardment!

The presence of dacoits is also a sorry state of Sindh that is hounding the Hindus. In past few months, their terror has increased, many Hindus were abducted by the dacoits and were traded with a heavy ransom amount. Recently, various Sindh activists and inhabitants held a series to protest against the dacoits’ terror and a demand from the authorities to take strict action. Instead of taking actions against them, the Police carried on a baton charge over protestors. Some Police personnel even posed as dacoits to attack the protestors.

Issue of Karunjhar

Nonetheless, the World Sindhi Congress also raised an important issue of Karunjhar mountains. Karunjhar hold an important ancient significance for the Sindhi community and the entire historical heritage of South Asia. However, just for monetary gains, Pakistan is trying to cut those mountains and extract the resources so that they could be sold and exported.

During the Secretary General of the World Sindhi Congress, Lakhu Luhana said, “There are 1000 issues…The human rights situation (in Sindh) on every front is worsening…We request the international community and all the powers in the world…they should act now…”

Pakistan had earlier issued the notification of tender despite knowing that the matter was under the consideration of judiciary. This is actually not just an issue of allocation of tenders, rather it is a policy to erase anything that can be ascribed to Sindhi Hindus. Along with silencing their voice, Pakistan has always tried to completely wash out the traces of rich civilisation of religious minorities. The policies of Pakistan are nothing less than that of the ethnic cleansing of Sindhis and Hindus from the region.

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