Global social media campaign to end Baloch genocide & unite voices for justice

BYC Launches Global Social Media Campaign to End Baloch Genocide
BYC Launches Campaign to End Baloch Genocide (Source: X)

Recently, the Baloch Youth Council (BYC) has launched a global social media campaign #IStandWithBalochMarch: Uniting Voices for Justice to draw global attention and solidarity to the ongoing atrocities on the Baloch people.

The campaign urges every individual around the world specifically the people of Pakistan to join this campaign of solidarity with the Baloch March. It has been long since the Baloch people have organised and resisted genocide through peaceful means. A campaign of systematic disinformation and internet censorship has been launched against the participants of the Baloch March. There is an urgent need to work together to stop false information spreading, alter damaging narratives and put an end to the Baloch Genocide, which includes extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances. The campaign urges people, their peers, coworkers, human rights advocates and others to lend a hand by sharing their opinions via social media posts and videos.

Moreover, BYC intends to disseminate direct resources and stories from people who have visited the sit-in camp, offering firsthand recollections and testimonials that emphasize the gravity of the situation the Baloch community is facing. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the struggles, resilience, and unwavering determination of the Baloch people in their struggle for justice and human rights through these personal accounts.

On March 27, 1948, Pak Army forcefully occupied the resource-rich province of Balochistan. Since then, the Baloch people have endured relentless oppression, and genocide, facing home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, and kidnappings for ransom.

The ongoing Baloch Long March is a heartfelt call for justice and basic human rights. It resonates with the idea that every community should safeguard the well-being and dignity of its people.

The Baloch community is pleading with the world to pay attention to their cries as they continue to fight for justice. It highlights how urgently the widespread violations of human rights in Balochistan require international attention and action.

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