Grieving families of slain Baloch freedom fighters denied bodies; families stage protest

Protest Erupts as Bodies of Baloch Fighters Held at Turbat Hospital
Families Await Release of Baloch Martyrs' Bodies (Photo - X)

The bodies of Baloch freedom fighters have been kept at a hospital in Turbat for the past three days, sparking frustration among their families who have been waiting to claim them. On Wednesday, relatives of the deceased, accompanied by members of the Sol Society and political activists, gathered at the Teaching Hospital Turbat, anticipating the release of the bodies. However, their hopes were dashed as hospital authorities failed to hand them over.

Reportedly, the puppet authorities sought signatures, including video recordings, from the families on a form. This move was met with strong opposition, leading to a sit-in protest on the M8 Shahrah-e-Pakistan, disrupting traffic. Among the demonstrators were a significant number of Sol Society members and activists, standing in solidarity with the grieving families.

A hospital attendee revealed that the authorities insisted on obtaining signatures from the relatives, but their demands were rejected. This development follows a similar incident in January, where the Quetta administration conditionally handed over the bodies of Baloch fighters involved in the Machh attack, a move also rejected by political and social circles.

Baloch freedom fighters

The form presented to the families holds no legal weight as Pak ‘establishment’ is using such signatures for propagandistic purposes on social media and websites.

The situation escalated from the evening of March 25 when the Baloch Liberation Army’s Majeed Brigade launched a daring assault on Pakistan Navy’s second-largest naval base, PNS Siddique. The ensuing clash lasted for several hours, punctuated by intense gunfire and explosions until the break of dawn.

Spokesperson for the BLA, Jeeyand Baloch, confirmed that during the operation, four fighters of the Majeed Brigade, including operation commander Ayub alias Duda, Khalif alias Islam, Wajdad alias Nodan, and Murad Hasil alias Farhad, bravely fought until their last breaths, attaining martyrdom.

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