Gwadar: BLA Majeed Brigade attacks headquarters of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies ISI & MI

BLA Strikes China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Hub - Gwadar
BLA Strikes at Sensitive Sites (Photo - X)

A major attack has occurred in the coastal city of Gwadar in Pak-occupied-Balochistan, marked by heavy gunfire and explosions near the Marine Drive Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Complex and the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) offices. The facility is a sensitive zone and a cornerstone of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Pakistan’s major recent infrastructure and investment project.

The Baloch Liberation Army’s (BLA) Majeed Brigade has claimed responsibility for the assault. According to a BLA statement, the attack, which commenced at 3:30 p.m., targeted the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and MI (Military Intelligence) offices, representing the second significant operation by the Majeed Brigade in two months.

Initial reports and visual evidence indicated a fierce confrontation between the fighters and Army, resulting in multiple buildings ablaze near Marine Drive. This area, known for housing sensitive state and Chinese facilities, shows the significance of this attack. Dr. Imran of Military Intelligence has also been reported killed, with several others wounded or killed.

The BLA has stated that over twenty-five Army personnel were killed, demonstrating a high level of bravery. Spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said in the statement that among the casualties were two commissioned officers, 6 military intelligence, 8 ISI, and 14 army and navy personnel. The main headquarters of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies ISI and MI, situated on Gwadar Marine Drive, were targeted during the attack. The attack persisted for several hours, resulting in the deaths of numerous Pakistan military intelligence and ISI personnel. Pakistani Navy commandos attempting to aid the Army were also killed.

Commissioner Saeed Ahmed Umrani of Makuran reported individuals entering the Gwadar Port Authority Complex, initiating gunfire and explosions. “A large contingent of police and security forces has arrived at the scene, and intense firing continues,” he stated.

Pak Army retaliated, leading to hours-long exchange before Senior Superintendent of Gwadar Police Zohaib Mohsin said that eight fighters were gunned down but later revised the count to seven. He further added that two Army personnel died in the firing. However, it is a common practice for Pak Army to falsify information regarding casualties in Army.

In November, over 14 Pakistan Army personnel were killed after an attack on two vehicles in Gwadar. The military vehicles came under attack while moving from Pasni to Ormara in the coastal district.

Gwadar Port, integral to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), is being developed with Chinese assistance. BLA has adamantly opposed Chinese presence and the exploitation of Pak-occupied-Balochistan’s resources by China in cooperation with Pakistan.

Despite its wealth in natural resources, Pak-occupied-Balochistan remains Pakistan’s poorest province, with approximately 15 million of its 240 million population residing there.

For the BLA, the number of soldiers killed in such a militarized zone like Gwadar may not be significant. However, launching an attack within Gwadar, particularly at a crucial location in the heart of the city, is a significant accomplishment for the BLA, garnering both domestic and international attention to the Baloch fight for independence. Balochistan has faced marginalization, violence and genocide by the Pakistan Army, following its illegal occupation in 1948 by Pakistan .

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