Gwadar: Convoy of Chinese engineers attacked by BLA fidayeens

chinese convoy attacked
BLA fidayeen who attacked the Chinese convoy (Photo: BLA press release )

In a deadly attack on the convoy of Chinese engineers, BLA’s Majeed Brigade, a suicide squad, eliminated four Chinese nationals and nine Pakistan military personnel near Faqeer Colony in Gwadar. The attack was carried out by two Fidayeens of the Majeed Brigade, namely Naveed Baloch alias Aslam Baloch of Dasht Nigor and Maqbool Baloch alias Qayin Baloch of Geshkor Awaran.  The attack was intense and led to a two-hour-long armed engagement between the fidayeens and Pakistan military. During the whole operation, the city’s traffic was stopped and all the entries and exits of the city were also closed.
According to the information, the attack was carried out this morning when almost 23 Chinese engineers were on the move in the convoy. While the four of them have been killed, the number of casualties may eventually rise. In addition, nine Pakistan military personnel have also been killed in the attack, and many others have been severely injured. Explosions and gunfire were heard across the port city of Gwadar.

BLA has stated that the fidayeens, as they were groomed, carried out an exchange of fire till they could and then shot themselves with their last bullet. BLA has been actively involved in the resistance against the Pakistan Army for illegally occupying Balochistan and its exploitative policies. Chinese inclusion in the CPEC and its effect on Balochistan and Gwadar has also been a bone of contention between the Baloch and Pakistan. Due to the exploitative attitude towards Balochistan, Pakistan has reduced Balochistan to being a colony. In line with that, Majeed Brigade, that is responsible for the attacks has persistently targeted Chinese naionals along with Pakistan Army.  

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