Hindu girl child raped, stabbed and mutilated in Sindh

Hindu girl killed in Sindh
Lakshmi Kolhi (Photo: News Intervention)

An innocent 6-year-old Hindu girl child has been stabbed to death, after being abducted and brutally raped by some radical Islamist pedophiles in Sindh.

Lakshmi Kolhi, the poor girl child was the daughter of Veerji Kolhi. As per reports, she was abducted by some unknown persons from Rajkohanni in Bondhari, Badin, Sindh. And now her family has found her mutilated body with multiple stabs. Many of her organs have also been found missing from her body.

The crime against Hindu women and girls is increasing day-by-day in Sindh. Shamefully, the only thing that is decreasing is the age of girls that are left unsecured for these monsters by Pakistan . Its hard to even imagine a day when the crime against the minor Hindu girls does not happen in Sindh. And the worst part is that the radical Islamists and their patrons are so well connected that even such inhumane, brutal and uncivilized acts are covered by the impotent Police of the quasi-state of Pakistan.

Pakistan, which is formed on the basis of religion, guarantees impunity for anyone that can perpetuate the most heinous crime against the religious minorities. Otherwise, what maybe the reason that such type of crimes are repeatedly committed, out of religious fanaticism? Apparently, Pakistan itself is extending support to such menace. Broadly speaking, it is much more than an ordinary brutal crime. The state’s support to such elements is guided by fundamentalism, which shuns to consider anyone as human who does not follow Islam. The act is a step towards an ethnic purge that is being carried out silently in a piecemeal manner.     

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