Hindu girl forcefully converted to Islam after abduction in Sindh

abduction and forced conversion of Hindu girl
Abducted Sindhi Hindu girl (Photo: News Intervention)

Another Sindhi Hindu girl Pars, daughter of Morji Maheshwari, resident of Ghulam Shah Lane Lyari, was kidnapped 15 days ago. The girl was forcibly taken, married and converted into Islam.This incident is just the latest in a string of similar kidnappings and forced conversions of Hindu girls in Pakistan, highlighting the continuing persecution of religious minorities in the country. Young girls are abducted, converted into Islam and forced to marry or are kept as sex slaves or raped.These incidents are happening on a daily basis across Sindh at the behest of Pakistan Army. Recently Sindhis took out protest rallies and shouted slogans against forceful abduction of Hindu girls and loot of natural resources in the name of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). Sindhi protesters carried large banners that read “Stop Forced Conversion of Sindhi Hindu Girls”, “Stop Disappearance & Genocide of Sindhi and Baloch”, “No China Go China”, “Sindhis reject CPEC corridor”. All Sindhi protesters carried national flag of Sindhudesh.

Sindhis walking with banners to participate in the April 25 rally at Sann city, Jamshoro Sindhudesh (Photo: News Intervention)

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