Hindu woman murdered while saving her daughter from being abducted in Sindh

hindu woman murdered
Copy of the FIR (Photo: Social Media)

In a horrific incident in Sindh, a woman named Zareena Bheel was brutally murdered by a group of abductors who broke into her house while attempting to abduct her daughter.

Yesterday, the accused individuals, namely Usman Lakho, Masu Lakho, and Riaz Bhutto, among others, forcefully entered Zareena’s house in Ghotki, Sindh. They wanted to shoot her son and abduct her daughter. During the assault, she tried to protect her family and she was fatally shot to death while two other minor children were injured.

Subsequently, it was discovered that her daughter had been harassed by the perpetrators, and her son had been stabbed the day before the incident. An FIR (First Information Report) has been registered, and two of the accused individuals named Usman and Masu have been arrested.

This incident is tragic and once again raises questions about the atrocities inflicted upon Hindus in Pakistan.

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