Hindus being forcefully converted into Islam in Sindh

forceful conversion of hindus
As many as 171 Hindus were converted to Islam in Sindh, Pakistan in 2020 (Photo: Rahat Austin on Twitter)

In a horrific incident, 162 Hindus, comprising of 10 families, have been forcibly converted to Islam at an event on 18th May in Sindh.

Preliminary reports suggest that these families were facing severe poverty and hunger issues. Their vulnerable condition was exploited by extremists engaged in illicit conversion practices.

The families were promised improved living conditions in exchange for converting to Islam. With no viable options and no justice from the system, the families were compelled to undergo conversion.

This is not an isolated incident of mass conversion. Just today, 61 Hindus have been forcefully converted to Islam in Sindh again. This month Sindh has witnessed three such mass conversion incidents.Earlier, 50 Hindus were also forcefully converted to Islam under supervision of the son of Religious Affairs Minister in Pakistan, Talha Mahmood. The deteriorating situation of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan is an undeniable reality, as is the illegitimate and forced nature of their conversions.

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