Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) confirms extra-judicial killing of Sakrand victims

extra judicial killings in pakistan
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A recent report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has underscored the need for accountability and justice in the wake of the Sakrand incident. The report, based on a thorough investigation, reveals several incongruities in the statements of various authorities involved in the operation, raising questions about the tragic event. The operation, as elucidated by report, was hastily executed and lacked a comprehensive strategy, resulting in chaos and the deaths of four villagers. Surprisingly, there was no prior history of such an incident in the village, and the civilians caught in the crossfire had no criminal records. Consequently, HRCP emphasized the importance of addressing the impact on the affected families and the local community, underscoring their rightful demand for justice.

Sakrand Incident: A Tragic Turn of Events

On September 28, a security operation was conducted in the village of Maari Jalbani in Sakrand, Sindh, led by the so-called “Counter-Terrorism Department” (CTD) and the Pakistan Army. The operation’s intended target was nationalist activist Rajab Jalbani. However, what transpired was a devastating turn of events. Indiscriminate firing by the rangers led to the loss of nearly four innocent lives and injuries to others. The incident, marked by its swift and chaotic execution, left an indelible impact on the local community. The affected families, who had no history of criminal involvement, were compelled to express their grievances by blocking the National Highway Bypass Sakrand, demanding justice for their fallen loved ones.

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