An Immodest Proposal: International Coalition of Ex-Muslims (ICEM)


The increased prevalence of backlash against ex-Muslims in violation of freedom of belief and freedom of religion at a minimum may represent an opportunity in disguise, especially with the rapid rise of the numbers of councils and groups organizing for their own and others’ safety and activism to use freedom of speech to speak on their own behalfs.

There are a wide range of ex-Muslim groups including Central Council of Ex-Muslims, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, Central Committee for Ex-Muslims, Former Muslims United, Ex-Muslims Initiative, Ex-Muslims of Austria, Ex-Muslims of Switzerland, Atheist Republic formerly Orkut, Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan, Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore, Muslimish, Ex-Muslims of North America, Council of Ex-Muslims of France, Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco, Ex-Muslims of Scotland, Association of Atheism, Faith to Faithless, Humanistisch Verbond: Ex-Muslims of Norway, Atheist Alliance of the Middle East and North Africa, Council of Ex-Muslims of Sri Lanka, Ex-Muslims of Maldives, Alliance of Former Muslims, Council of Ex-Muslims of Jordan, Iranian Atheists & Agnostics, Iranian Humanist Atheists & Agnostics, Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand, Central Committee for Ex-Muslims of Scandinavia, and so on.

With this wide smattering of groups of varying sizes, and the inevitable growth of them and others, I would propose an International Coalition of Ex-Muslims, or something like this, in order to form a power base at an international level for solidarity building and centralizing, akin to IHEU, and then, also, for the ability to put sincere and heavy pressure on the United Nations to respect the fundamental freedoms and rights of ex-Muslims all over the world.

And why not?

Photo by boris misevic on Unsplash

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