Imran Khan asks youth to come on streets against No-Confidence Motion

Pakistan's "selected" Prime Minister Imran Khan during his address at the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2019. (Photo: AP)

Pakistan’s selected Prime Minister Imran Khan during a live address and question and answer session on TV channels appealed to his party workers and youth to protest against the no-confidence conspiracy for their future. If the conspiracy succeeds, any outside force will knock down the disliked Pakistani government with money, protest as it is your right, go out to save your future, this protest will be peaceful, said Imran Khan.

Imran Khan, in response to a question from a citizen, said Pakistan needs a strong army. “We should not do anything that harms the army,” he said. He rejected the impression that there were problems between him and the Pakistan Army. He said that he respects the decision of the army to remain neutral, we are with them for what maintains their reputation. Imran Khan once again described the no-confidence motion against him as a joint conspiracy by the US and the opposition.

Replying to a question by a citizen, he said that it would be a great crime to remain silent on it. Khan had said that he would win the no-confidence vote on Sunday and he had more than one plan. Imran Khan when asked that the opposition had been saying since the beginning that he is not running the economy well, that is why they had brought the no confidence motion. Imran Khan said that experts should sit down and see what we did in three and a half years and what these parties had done during their tenure.

Imran Khan pointed to the figures of how much inflation has been during the People’s Party period between 2008 and 2013 and then during his tenure. He said that at present, inflation is high globally, oil prices are skyrocketing, making electricity and other goods more expensive. The Prime Minister said that exports have increased historically since PTI government took charge while huge taxes have been collected because people are confident that Imran Khan will tax the people. He said that during the Muslim League (N) era, inflation was less than the PTI era, but it should also be seen that oil prices were less than three times that what they are today.

Imran Khan was asked a question whether he would file treason cases against politicians allegedly involved in a global conspiracy to topple his government? On this he said that he has been consulting his lawyers all day today and he will file treason cases. Imran Khan asked the questioner to protest peacefully while he himself will fight till the last minute. Prime Minister Imran Khan began his address with a mention of the alleged foreign conspiracy against him. He said that the National Security Committee has also seen this document which says that “as soon as Imran Khan is shaken, we will forgive you (Pakistan) and the relationship will be fine”. Imran Khan urged the people to protest peacefully and foil the conspiracy.

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