India hits back at Pakistan over Kashmir issue at the UN General Assembly

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India lambasts Pakistan for raising Jammu and Kashmir issue in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). During his UNGA address, Pakistan’s caretaker PM, Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar called on international community to act over Kashmir issue.  In response, Petal Gahlot, India’s first secretary at the United Nations, labelled Pakistan’s remarks as a “malicious propaganda” attempt to divert international attention away from its own human rights record.

Mincing no words, Gehlot stated, “Pakistan has become a habitual offender when it comes to misusing this August forum to peddle baseless and malicious propaganda against India.” Went on to say that the international community is well aware of the foul tactics of Pakistan, which aims to divert the spotlight from its depressing human rights record.

She again emphasised India’s stand over the entire J&K and Ladakh by saying, “We reiterate that the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir are an integral part of India. Matters pertaining to the UTs of J&K and Ladakh are purely internal to India. Pakistan has no locus standi to comment on our domestic matters,” she added firmly.

India’s diplomatic slap to Pakistan comes after Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Kakar said, “Development depends on peace. Pakistan is situated in the least economically integrated region in the world. Pakistan believes that regions develop together; therefore, [the country] desires peaceful and productive relations with all neighbours, including India.”

Pakistan wasting both time and international platform over Kashmir

Kakar also called on the UNSC to ensure the implementation of its Kashmir resolution and suggested reinforcing the United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP). Accordingly, he urged global powers to persuade New Delhi to accept Pakistan’s offer of mutual restraint on strategic and conventional weapons.

Pakistan’s statement on peace is nothing short of hilarious. The country, which mostly comprises illegally occupied territories like Balochistan, POJK, and POGB, is talking about peace. If there is any country that is most responsible for instability and insecurity in the subcontinent, it is Pakistan. With its industry of terrorism and its patron, the Pakistan Army, Pakistan has disrupted peace not only in the region but also in the territories it has illegally occupied. Every region, including POJK, POGB, Balochistan, Sindh, and Pakhtunkhwa, is raising its voice to break free from the identity of Pakistan forcibly imposed upon them.

Pakistan has a history of exploiting international platforms to bring up the Kashmir issue. It persistently attempts to internationalize the J&K, including at the United Nations. India, however, has maintained an unwavering stance, asserting that the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is, was, and will always be an integral part of India. Pakistan should understand that it is wasting its precious time and an international platform over an issue that has nothing to do with it. Instead, it should use this international platform to put up some crucial issues that relates to it and its people.

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