India refuses to recognize medical colleges in POJKL

Srinagar/August 13: Separatist groups of J&K, better described as Pakistani stooges received a severe setback after Medical Council of India (MCI) declared that any qualification obtained from medical colleges located in Pakistan Occupied Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh (POJKL) shall not entitle a person to practice modern medicine in India.

For the last so many years, Hurriyat leaders were seeking and getting money to recommend Kashmiri students for medical or engineering studies in Pakistan and POJKL.

National Investigating Agency (NIA) has already started a probe in this regard. 

It is an open secret that separatist leaders would charge anything between Rs 25-Rs 30 lakh to recommend names of Kashmiri students for studying in Pakistan and POJKL (Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh).

“For more than a decade, Pakistan has reserved dozens of seats in its medical and engineering colleges for Kashmiri students, but they get admission only after a recommendation from Hurriyat leaders,” a senior government official told News Intervention.

From 1990, Hurriyat leaders have been sending Kashmiri youth to PoJKL and Pakistan for medical and engineering studies.

MCI in its notification made it clear that “This is to inform all concerned that entire territories of UT of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh are an integral part of India. Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of a part of the territory. Accordingly, any medical institution in Pakistan occupied Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh (POJKL) requires permission/recognition under IMC Act, 1956. Such permission has not been granted to any medical college in POJKL.”

“Therefore, any qualification obtained from medical colleges located within these illegally occupied areas of India” shall not entitle a person for grant of registration under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 to practice modern medicine in India,” added the MCI notice.

Sageer Ahmad
Sageer Ahmad
Sageer Ahmad is a research scholar based in Jammu & Kashmir.

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