Indian soccer fans locked up by UAE man


In a shocking incident, a man locked up supporters of the Indian football team in a bird cage ahead of the match on Thursday. A video, purportedly of the incident, has also gone viral, prompting the UAE authorities to arrest several persons. A statement has also been released from the UAE Attorney General’s office after the offensive video went viral on social media.

In the viral video, the man, brandishing a stick, is seen sitting and talking to several workers locked up in a bird cage. He asks them who do they support between the UAE and India, Upon replying that they support India, he tells them that’s not good, they live in the UAE and should support it. After knocking on the wiring, he asks them again and they reply they support the UAE and he lets them out of the cage.

India lost the match against the hosts United Arab Emirates (UAE) 2-0 in the AFC Asian Cup in Abu Dhabi Thursday.

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