Interview: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Survivor Aïssa Edon

Aissa Edon, FGM Specialist Midwife & Survivor of Female Genital Mutilation talks to Vivek Sinha, Editor-in-Chief, News Intervention.

Several communities across the world cut Genitals of Young Girls in the name of custom, religion or in an effort to control their sexuality.
All these reasons have no validity.
And, this is FGM—Female Genital Mutilation.

FGM was performed on Aissa Edon when she was 6 years old. She is now an anti-FGM campaigner. In an Interview with News Intervention Aissa Edon talks about this malpractice and explains why FGM should be immediately banned.
Click on the YouTube link to watch this full interview.


  1. May be easier to end FGM if we end all non-therapeutic, non-consentual genital cutting.

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