Iran-backed armed group hits Israel’s Ramat David airbase in a drone attack

Representative Photo of Islamic Resistance militants (Photo: Web)

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a group associated with Iran-backed militias, claimed responsibility for a drone attack targeting the Ramat David airbase in Haifa, Israel. The assault occurred at dawn on Thursday, marking a significant escalation in tensions in the region.

In their statement, the Islamic Resistance emphasized their commitment to continuing attacks against what they term as “enemy strongholds.” They framed the Ramat David airbase operation as part of their ongoing resistance against the ‘Israeli occupation’, citing support for the people of Gaza and retaliation for alleged Israeli atrocities against Palestinian civilians.

The statement said, “part of the second phase of operations against the occupation, aimed at supporting our people in Gaza and retaliation for the Zionist massacres perpetrated against defenseless Palestinian civilians.”

This attack follows closely on the heels of an Israeli airstrike on an Iranian embassy in Syria, which resulted in the deaths of high-ranking officials from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). That incident has heightened the possibility of further assaults on Israeli facilities by Iran-backed proxy groups, such as the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.

The escalation underscores the volatile situation in the region and raises concerns about the potential for further violence and retaliation between Iran-backed groups and Israel. Israeli authorities have yet to issue an official response to the attack on the air base, but it is likely to prompt heightened security measures and potential retaliatory actions.

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