Islam critic & Quran-burner Salwan Momika found dead in Norway

Salwan Momika dead
Salwan Momika (Photo: X)

In a shocking development, Salwan Momika, a former Iraqi militia leader turned atheist critic of Islam, was reportedly discovered deceased in Norway on Tuesday. Momika, known for his fervent advocacy of “free speech” and his highly controversial act of publicly burning the Quran, had recently relocated to Norway from Sweden.

Screenshot of Radio Genoa post (Photo: X)

Describing himself as “a liberal atheist critic and thinker”, Momika gained international attention in June 2023 when he made headlines by stomping on a copy of the Quran and subsequently setting it ablaze outside Stockholm’s largest mosque. The provocative act, captured on video by a friend, sparked widespread debate and condemnation.

Momika’s migration to Norway followed his acquisition of a Swedish residency permit in 2021. His departure from Iraq in 2018 was driven by his pursuit of asylum, amidst his outspoken criticism of Islam, despite his Christian background.

Despite being a professed atheist, Momika’s confrontational stance against Islam earned him the ire of Islamic countries, particularly during his residence in Sweden. He vehemently denounced the Quran as “the most dangerous book in the world.”

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