Islamabad Police re-arrests Manzoor Pashteen on fake charges shortly after bail

demand for release of manzoor pashteen
PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: News Intervention)

In the latest development Manzoor Pashteen was once again arrested by the Islamabad Police soon after he was granted bail by the ATC court.

Manzoor Pashteen’s bail application was heard by ATC judge Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain where Prosecutor Raja Naveed and Manzoor Pashteen’s lawyer held a debate around the charges put over Pashteen.

After hearing the arguments of the parties, the ATC approved the bail in both the cases filed against PTM Chief in Police Station CTD. The bail was approved for a bail bond of Pak Rs. 30,000.

However, soon after he was granted bail, Islamabad Police again pressed fresh charges and arrested him in a new case. Earlier, they arrested him illegally and took his physical remand out of mere allegations. Police knew that mere allegation is sufficient for a physical and judicial remand. To increase the incarceration period, they orchestrated another fake case to arrest him just a couple of hours after he was granted bail.

Pakistan forces’ modus operandi of declaring victim as aggressor

Notably, Manzoor Pashteen was arrested on December 3rd. Deputy Commissioner Chaman Raja Athar Abbas claimed in a statement that Manzoor Pashteen was arrested after a firing at the police from his car.

However, 4 hours before his statement, PTM released a statement that Manzoor Pashteen’s car was allegedly fired upon by law enforcement agencies while he was on his way to Turbat from Chaman, where a protest was ongoing against extrajudicial killings.

“In various instances involving the police, CTD, or even the Pakistan Army, a consistent pattern seems to emerge. They often initiate an extra-judicial event and subsequently portray the victim as the aggressor. A similar scenario unfolded with the innocent Baloch youth, whose extrajudicial killing prompted protests in Turbat, where Pashteen was going to visit. The CTD claimed that all four Baloch individuals were terrorists killed in an encounter. However, it later surfaced that these deceased individuals had been in their custody for days prior to the alleged encounter.

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