Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps torture and murder 18 year old Baloch student in custody

Eighteen year old Baloch student is tortured and killed by IRGC
Sepehr Shirani (Source: X)

In a distressing incident, an 18-year-old Baloch college student Sepehr Shirani from Fanuj city occupied Balochistan passed away while under the custody of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Sepehr was detained two days ago and he endured fatal torture while in custody. The agents said that Shirani’s arrest was due to the publication of critical posts on social media. However, the truth has not been revealed yet.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Sepehr Shirani’s death has not yet been satisfactorily explained by the IRGC or the Iranian legal system. Furthermore, they have not given the student’s body to his grieving family yet.

It is noteworthy that on January 30, Sepehr Shirani was detained in Zahedan by the IRGC on suspicion of engaging in “social media activities.” The lack of transparency here raises questions about potential violations of human rights and the necessity of a comprehensive investigation.

Notably in recent years, there have been multiple instances of suspicious citizen deaths and murders in police detention facilities, security facilities, and courtrooms. Investigations have been unable to conclusively identify offenders or hold authorities accountable.

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