Islamists violently attack Hindu boys with Muslim girlfriend

islamists attack hindu muslim couples
Screenshot of the viral video (Photo: News Intervention)

A disturbing trend has emerged where Islamist mobs indulge in violent attack on Hindu boys dating Muslim girls. Multiple videos have resurfaced where these violent individuals are seen harassing, abusing the Hindu men and even physically assaulting the Muslim girls.

Radical Islamists have termed this menace as the “Bhagwa Love Trap” to counter the several documented cases of “Love Jihad”. The baseless conspiracy theory of “Bhagwa Love Trap” says that Hindu outfits are allegedly training Hindu youth to lure Muslim women and convert them is taking the social media by storm. Islamist mobs are seen ambushing random Hindu boys Muslim girls, which would be followed by heated arguments, physical assault, and manhandling the inter-faith couples.

From social media conspiracy stemmed real-life violence

On May 15, 2023, a Hindu man in Patna, Bihar, faced verbal and physical abuse from a violent Muslim mob simply because he was friends with a Muslim girl. The mob intercepted them while they were on a bike and subjected them to verbal harassment. The Muslim girl was also targeted by the mob, who berated her and demanded that she leave the area and return home. Throughout the incident, the Hindu man bore the brunt of the mob’s abusive language and accusations.

A similar incident occurred on May 13, 2023, in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, where Islamists questioned the identity of a Hindu man and issued threats because he was seen roaming with a Muslim girl.

These distressing incidents extend beyond Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Numerous cases of harassment against Hindu men and their Muslim female friends, acquaintances, and colleagues have emerged from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Maharashtra, etc. In most of these cases, girls wearing hijabs were coerced into contacting their parents, while Hindu men faced abuse and physical aggression.

‘Bhagwa love trap’ amplified

Sajjad Nomani, an ardent supporter of Asaduddin Owaisi and fanboy Taliban, is a prominent Islamic scholar and cleric who has optimally used his platform to add enough fuel to the fire. Leading the charge of this misleading campaign, he said, “8 lakh Muslim women have turned infidel and left Islam after meeting their Hindu partners. RSS has created a team of Hindu youths who are trained in Islamic teachings and Urdu. They are then instructed to lure Muslim women into a love trap.”

The cleric took up the opportunity to discourage girls’ education. He said, “We send our daughters to schools and colleges, but we do not know if they are learning science and math or vulgarity and apostasy there.”

Later, he bared his fundamentalist radical Islamist mindset and added, “I swear on Allah that it is better to keep your daughters uneducated and illiterate instead of sending them to such colleges.”

This back-up support has amplified an already deteriorating situation, where these Islamists think it’s okay to harass women and justify their action by punishing them for deviating from their faith. Statements like “Hath Laga Sakate hai, kyoki Aap kaum ka Nam Badnam kar rahi ho! (We can touch you how we want. This is because you are bringing shame to our community).” And, “Women like you bring a bad name to the Muslim community,” were heard in the videos.

These harassments are not limited to manhandling alone. Do you remember Nagaraju, who was stabbed to death because he married Syed Ashrin Sultana? Or Ankit Saxena, who was murdered for being in a relationship with a Muslim girl? These are the cases that show the conspiracy theory of the “Bhagwa love trap” is getting out of hand. There is an urgent need to take serious action on this moral policing.

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