Israel-Hamas War: Death toll reaches 1500

hamas -Israel war
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In the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, that began on Saturday, the confirmed death toll in Israel and Gaza has now exceeded 1,500 people.

Israel reports that approximately 900 people have been killed, while Palestinian authorities state that at least 687 people have lost their lives due to the bombings in Gaza, including numerous children. Thousands have been injured in the conflict.

Most hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed with casualties, and power cuts from Israel have created further challenges. The United Nations warns that Gaza’s sole power plant is the last source of electricity and may run out of fuel in a matter of days.

Hamas operatives unleashed thousands of rockets on Israel throughout the week, and the rocket attacks continue into the night. In return, Israel has launched intense airstrikes on Gaza, while fighting persists in multiple areas of southern Israel, where Hamas fighters infiltrated. Israel has called up an additional 100,000 reservists for the operation. As per UN, 1,80,000 Gazans have fled their homes after Israel initiated counter airstrikes.

In the United Nations, Iran has faced accusations of being involved in the unprecedented attacks initiated by Hamas.The United Nations mission in Iran released a statement saying, “We strongly stand behind unwavering support for Palestine’s unshakeable resolve. However, we are not involved in this particular Palestinian reaction, as it is solely and exclusively the action of Palestine.”

In the United Nations, Israel’s ambassador criticized Hamas.Speaking to journalists ahead of a United Nations Security Council meeting, Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan said, “There is no debate anymore. Now is the time to dismantle the military infrastructure of Hamas completely and remove it, so that such a horrifying event never occurs again.”

Hamas militants attacked Israeli settlements at the end of last week, killing scores and taking dozens hostage.

Suspension of Flights amidst Israel-Hamas war

Several Asian airlines have suspended their flights to Israel, citing concerns over the security situation.Hainan Airlines, the only Chinese airline flying between China and Israel, has canceled flights between Shanghai and Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific has also canceled its flights between Hong Kong and Tel Aviv. Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, and others have joined in suspending services to Israel.

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