Israeli-Hamas war claims lives of 27 journalists so far, several others injured

Tribute to the Palestinian journalist Mohammed Soboh, who died in Gaza on October 10 (Photo: REUTERS)

In a recent report published by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a globally recognized organization dedicated to safeguarding the rights and lives of journalists, a grim and distressing reality has come to light. As the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalated so far, 27 journalists have lost their lives, including many more sustaining injuries and facing detention or disappearance.

This disheartening toll on the journalistic community is a stark reminder of the perils they face while carrying out their duty to inform the world about the ongoing crisis. Among the journalists who lost their lives, there is a poignant mix of newspaper correspondents, TV reporters, representatives of news agencies, cameramen, non-affiliated journalists, and media managers. They represented the media of Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, the Middle East, and other nations, and their loss is felt deeply across the journalistic spectrum.

One particularly devastating incident involved an airstrike on the home of an Al Jazeera TV correspondent in a camp, which reportedly claimed the lives of his entire family. This tragic incident underscores the far-reaching and devastating consequences of the conflict.

Sharif Mansour, CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa coordinator, emphasized the incredibly hazardous conditions in which these journalists are working. He noted that they willingly put their lives on the line to report on the dangerous and challenging situation, particularly in Gaza.

One alarming trend highlighted by international sources is that more journalists are losing their lives and facing injuries during the Israeli attacks on Gaza compared to other conflicts. Tragically, their families are also suffering the consequences as their homes become targets of bombardment.

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