Jailer – The King is Back!

rajni kanth back
Poster of the movie Jailer

Superstar Rajini Kanth is back on the big screen, with a bang, much to the utter delight of his billions of fans across the globe. Today, his much-awaited film, Jailer, was released in multiplexes all over, and the reviews have been great so far. Early reviews state that this black comedy, action genre of film is one of the best works of the director, Nelson Dilipkumar, so far!

Over the last many years, Rajini’s movie releases were celebrated like a huge festival, not only in Tamil Nadu, but all over the world. People book their First Day First Show tickets in advance, get fully “Rajinified” on the day of release, perform milk abhishekas to their Thailaivar’s statue on the day of his movie’s release, and do everything they can to prove their fandom. Today has been no exception to this tradition.

Jailer has opened to a rousing reception across the world, and early morning reviewers have nothing but amazing things to say about the film, its story, Anirudh’s musical brilliance and the performance of the Superstar himself. Oh! What can we even say about the man’s style and charisma?

While Rajini’s movies have always been welcomed with open arms in many countries, his popularity in Asia, especially Japan, reached the pinnacle, when his movie, “Muthu” was released in 1995. Ever since, Rajini’s movie releases have been celebrated like huge festivals there.

To participate in the Rajini mania on Aug 10th, a Japanese couple traveled from Japan to see Jailer in packed theatres in Chennai. It is interesting to note that the husband, Yasuda Hidetoshi, was also the leader of the Rajinikanth Fan Club in Japan! Well, as long as the Superstar has such loyal fans, he is going to be the undisputed king of Tamil Cinema! Are you ready to get “Rajinified” too? Book your tickets at a theatre near you to watch the magic unfold right before your eyes!

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