Jaish-ul-Adl is distorting facts and making baseless claims: BLF

Jaish-ul-Adl militants.
Jaish-ul-Adl militants.

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) dismissed the allegations made by Jaish-ul-Adl and said that armed group backed by Pakistan Army is making baseless claims by distorting the facts.

“Jaish-ul-Adl, which is active against the government in Iran, released a video statement on social media on July 26, 2021 in which baseless allegations have been made against BLF by distorting the facts. The lack of knowledge of the speaker in the video released by Jaish-ul-Adl can be gauged from the fact that he calls BLF’s secular freedom struggle as an infidelity against Islam. We were waiting for Jaish to disassociate from this mischievous video statement, but there was no explanation from them. On June 30, 2021 also, Jaish-ul-Adl had falsely claimed in a statement that BLF and BRA sarmachaars had attacked Jaish operatives and in that alleged attack the help of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were obtained. Jaish also claimed that its so-called devoted armed men had foiled the alleged attack and seized a vehicle belonging to the Baloch attackers. However, the fact is that at a place in the mountains of Panjgur, a parked BLF vehicle loaded with rations was stolen and seized by Jaish. Then they fabricated a false story of the attack to cover up their crime. Therefore, we consider it necessary to expose Jaish-ul-Adl, the masked force behind it and their mala fide intentions behind this false propaganda campaign against the Baloch freedom fighters, especially the BLF,” said BLF spokesperson Major Gwahram Baloch in a media statement.

Jaish-ul-Adl has long been active in various areas of occupied Balochistan that include Parom, Zamuran, Panjgur, Mashkel and Washuk, and also in areas adjacent to the Goldsmid Boundary Line under the patronage of the Pakistan Army and ISI. The camps, training centers and hideouts of Jaish-ul-Adl are in the above areas that operate under the patronage of Pakistan Army. At all of these areas the Jaish-ul-Adl have set up checkpoints on the road wherein they stop vehicles of Baloch people engaged in border trade and extort thousands of rupees per vehicle as forced tax. They stop passenger vehicles, search them and harass the local Baloch people. Jaish group also provides security for vehicles that are loaded with drugs.

Jaish-ul-Adl also acts as informers for the Pakistan Army and intimates them about the movements of Baloch sarmachaars (freedom fighters). Jaish also assists the Pak Army in conducting military operations against Baloch sarmachaars. Their vehicles are similar to those of the Pakistan Army and Death Squads, which sometimes makes it difficult for the Baloch sarmachaars to distinguish between Jaish members, Pakistan Army and Death Squads.

Due to the association of Jaish-ul-Adl members with Pak Army and Death Squads and similarity of their vehicles and other methodology, there have been incidents of armed clashes with the Baloch sarmachaars. In 2014, Jaish-ul-Adl clashed with BLF sarmachaars for the first time, in which a Jaish armed man was injured. When he was identified, the sarmachaars allowed the Jaish-ul-Adl to take their wounded member.

In another incident in 2015, Jaish-ul-Adl operatives suddenly launched an attack on BLF cadres in the Zamuran area, in which a BLF sarmachaar Farooq Baloch was martyred and Sarmachaar Sultan was injured. In this ambush an attacker was also killed. After this incident, local BLF commanders contacted Jaish-ul-Adl commanders and advised them that if they are fighting for the rights of their religious sect against Iran, they should set up their camps, training centers inside Iran. However, since Jaish-ul-Adl does not have the support of people, so they are reluctant to fight inside Iran.

“From the beginning, the BLF feared that Jaish-ul-Adl could become a tool of Pakistan against the Baloch national independence movement in the future. Today our fear is proving true. We see that Pakistan is using Jaish-ul-Adl as a proxy against the Baloch independence movement,” said Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesperson BLF.

In fact, Jaish-ul-Adl had joined hands with the Pakistan Army in 2019 to attack BRAS sarmachaars in the Buleda/Zamuran area in which five Baloch sarmachaars were martyred. The sarmachaars found a cellphone from the Jaish attackers at the scene, which contained pictures of so-called Jaish-ul-Adl jihadists and their camps and hideouts, which was proof that Jaish-ul-Adl operatives were involved in the attack along with the Pakistan Army.

It may be recalled that the majority of Jaish-ul-Adl armed men are from Mashkel, Washuk, Panjgur, Parom, Zamuran and Buleda areas of occupied Balochistan. In addition, there is a large number of Punjabi and other Pakistani terrorists in the Jaish-ul-Adl centers and hideouts.

Pakistan, through Jaish-ul-Adl is inciting sectarian extremism and hatred in Makuran and is undermining Baloch national values ​​such as religious and sectarian freedom, harmony and tolerance. Pakistan is inciting this group against Baloch freedom fighters and is trying to use the presence of Jaish-ul-Adl in occupied Balochistan as a bargaining card against those Baloch families who migrated to western Balochistan to escape the atrocities of Pakistani military.

“The leadership of Jaish-ul-Adl should learn a lesson from the fate of Mullah Omar, whom Pakistan used as a tool in the areas of Kech, Tump, Gomazi, Dasht and some parts of western Balochistan through its terrorist group for killing many Baloch freedom fighters and their relatives. After fulfilling their aim, Mullah Omar, along with his sons, was killed in an encounter by the police in a high-security area of ​​Kech,” said BLF sokesperson Major Gwahram Baloch.

“We want to make it clear to them that the BLF is not fighting a sectarian war but a national war for the independence of Balochistan against Pakistan. Pakistan has the same religion and sectarian belief which is the religion of Baloch majority, but this religious and sectarian relationship has not stopped Pakistan from forcible occupation of Balochistan, expansionism and colonial looting. The biggest enemy of Islam and Muslims in the region is Pakistan, whose expansionism in 1947 deprived the Kashmiri people of their right to self determination to decide their future. It is Pakistan that forcibly occupied Balochistan in 1948 and trampled on our independence, national identity and dignity of the Baloch nation. Pakistan’s so-called Muslim army massacred the Bengali nation in 1971. This is Pakistan, whose expansionist policy, such as “Strategic Depth,” has been shedding the blood of innocent Afghans in Afghanistan for the past 43 years. Thousands of Baloch children have gone missing at the hands of Jaish-ul-Adl’s so-called Sunni ally Pakistan’s savage army, intelligence agencies and Death Squads, said Major Gwahram Baloch in his media statement.

He further added that thousands of mutilated bodies have been found across Balochistan. Millions of Baloch have been displaced and are living a miserable life. The so-called Sunni Pakistan Army raids Baloch settlements on a daily basis, torturing, abusing and harassing Baloch youth, elders, children and women. “The lives, property and honor of Baloch people are insecure at the hands of the Pakistan. Why doesn’t Jaish-ul-Adl see these atrocities of the so-called Sunni Pakistan on the Baloch nation. Sunni Islamist Pakistan and its hypocritical religious parties are not only carrying the genocide of Baloch nation for the sake of Pakistani state interests but also stand with China on the genocide of Uyghur Muslims at the hands of China.”

A sectarian organization like Jaish-ul-Adl should realize that the Baloch are a nation in which believers of all sects of Islam freely practice their religious beliefs. Due to the same generosity and kindness of the Baloch, even the non-Muslims of occupied Balochistan proudly call themselves Baloch. Not a single sectarian group of the Baloch nation is subjugated but as a nation the Baloch are subjugated and as a nation they are fighting for independence from Pakistan. The forces that divide the Baloch nation on sectarian, tribal or linguistic grounds are making the mistake of undermining the Baloch national power which is being used intentionally and unintentionally to further Pakistan’s colonial interests, said BLF spokesperson in his media statement.

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