Pak-occupied Kashmir organizations join hands, hold protests in Islamabad

JPAC Protest At Islamabad (Photo: News Intervention)

Jammu and Kashmir (Pakistan-occupied) Joint Public Action Committee organized a protest on October 3rd in front of the Rawalpindi Press Club in Islamabad. The demonstration was organized to protest against the lockdown imposed by the occupying government of POJK (Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir). The demonstration was held to express solidarity with Kashmiri detainees.

The Jammu and Kashmir (Pak-occupied) Public Action Committee in Rawalpindi included both men and women in its ranks. Participants recorded their first peaceful protest in Rawalpindi thus expanding the ambit of protests from occupied Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistani cities. This protest demonstration comes in the wake of a ten hour meeting of the Joint Public Action Committee which released a communique detailing Kashmir’s intent to take on Pakistani atrocities. The communique called for a series of protests ranging from the general masses to student organisations. It also categorically warned the occupying government of Pakistan against taking any suppressive actions.

Nonetheless, people of POJK have now united to raise voice for their rights from the occupying government of Pakistan. They are in no mood to compromise with the occupying Paki regime on no less than the basic amenities including affordable wheat flour and electricity along with the peace and stability in the region.

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