Jammu & Kashmir emerges as agri startup hub: Lavender Revolution paves the way

Jammu and kashmir new agricultural hub
J&K tableau manifesting Purple Revolution (Photo: Social Media)

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh has declared Jammu and Kashmir as a rapidly growing Agri Startup hub, urging local youth to actively participate in the ecosystem to contribute towards India’s goal of becoming the top economy in the next 25 years. The minister emphasized the critical role of Himalayan States in India’s future, highlighting the pioneering “Purple Revolution” in Jammu and Kashmir as a potential game-changer for the national economy.

Addressing a ‘Kisan Sammelan’ organized by CSIR-IIIM in Hiranagar, Dr. Jitendra Singh shared the success story of lavender farming in the Jammu region, revealing that over three thousand youth in J&K are now engaged in lavender cultivation, reaping the benefits of self-employment with earnings reaching into lakhs.

He emphasized a paradigm shift in the perception of StartUps, asserting that Jammu and Kashmir is rapidly emerging as an Agri Startup hub, breaking away from the notion that only IIT graduates or IT professionals are eligible for such ventures.

Agri Start Up hub J&K: The birthplace of “Purple Revolution”

The minister highlighted the recent Republic Day tableau featuring lavender farms of Bhaderwah in the national capital, symbolizing J&K as the birthplace of the “Purple Revolution.” This unique initiative is now inspiring other Himalayan States like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Nagaland.

Significantly, the foundation of this Agri Startup hub was laid in Bhaderwah, where lavender cultivation has been taken up on a large scale as part of the Aroma Mission by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Dr. Jitendra Singh credited Prime Minister Modi’s personal efforts and the government’s support in providing training, industry linkages, and logistical aid to over 3000 lavender entrepreneurs, showcasing how lavender-made products from Bhaderwah are now being sold in thousands in states like Maharashtra, contributing significantly to the economy.

Accordingly, Dr. Jitendra Singh called for proactive measures in exploring unexplored or under-explored areas for potential economic value addition, highlighting the pivotal role of Jammu and Kashmir’s “Purple Revolution” in realizing PM Narendra Modi’s vision of a developed India by 2047.

Responding to inquiries about safety measures in border areas, especially Kathua, Dr. Jitendra Singh assured that bunkers have been constructed for residents to seek shelter during cross-border firing. He highlighted improvements in road connectivity up to the zero line and reservations provided to border residents along the International Border (IB).

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