Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement condemns the abduction of Sindhi youth

abduction of sindhi youth
Irfan Zahrani (Left) & His Lawyer (Right) (Photo: News Intervention)

The Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) Central Chairman Sohail Abro, Vice Chairman Zubair Sindhi, and other prominent members have issued a joint statement expressing deep concern over the relentless targeting of innocent nationalist activists in the Sindh region, the latest being Irfan Zahrani, by what they describe as a “Punjabi fascist state.” The statement highlights the urgent need for a strong response to protect the rights and safety of the people in the region.

The press release shed light on the recent disappearance of Irfan Zahrani, a national activist, who had been previously released after enduring six months of torture and four months of forced imprisonment in a Punjab prison. Zahrani’s re-kidnapping has been attributed to Pakistani intelligence agencies in the Rahim Yar Khan area of Punjab. Additionally, Advocate Mohib Azad, the lawyer who courageously fought Zahrani’s case, has also been forcibly disappeared. JSFM leaders strongly condemned these actions as acts of terrorism.

Concern over the arrest of advocates

In their press release, JSFM leaders decried the alarming situation, asserting that even lawyers advocating for the rights of the oppressed are not safe from harm. Furthermore, they argue that this lawlessness, extending to Sindhi, Baloch, and Pashtun communities, demands a revolutionary response to counter the oppressive tactics of this ‘Punjabi fascist state.’ The leaders called for an intensification of their struggle and urged supporters to take to the streets and block national highways linking Sindh to Punjab.

The statement issued by JSFM leaders further condemns what they describe as the Punjabi Pakistan Army’s brutal actions and the ongoing genocide of the Sindhi people. The situation in Sindh is dire, and JSFM leaders are calling on the international community to take notice and address the human rights violations being committed.

Appeal to International organisation

JSFM has made a direct appeal to Human Rights Watch, urging them to scrutinize the actions of the Pakistani government, which they characterize as “fascist.” They emphasize that these actions constitute a violation of international law and human rights principles, and those responsible must be held accountable for their actions.

The situation in Sindh, as outlined in the press release, highlights the need for greater international attention and efforts to address the ongoing human rights violations in the region. Accordingly, JSFM’s call for action and support underscores the urgency of the situation and the need to protect the rights and lives of those affected by these troubling events.

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