Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement pays tribute to Thori Phatak martyrs on the 38th martyrdom anniversary

Thori Phatak Victims (Photo: Social Media)

On the 39th martyrdom anniversary of Thori Phatak victims, Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement called upon Sindhi people to pay tribute to the martyrs by lighting candles in their homes, neighbourhoods, press clubs, and mausoleums.

In the annals of history, the small village of Thori Phatak near Manjhand, in the Jamshoro district of Sindh, bears witness to a haunting incident that unfolded on October 17, 1984. It was a day when the lives of five innocent Sindhi student activists were abruptly cut short, victims of an act of state-sponsored terrorism.

These brave activists, belonging to the Jeay Sindh Student Federation (JSSF), included Amanullah Vistro, Maalik Khushik, Zakaria Memon, Anwar Abbasi, and Mithu Buledi. They were pursuing their education at esteemed institutions like Sindh University and Mehran University, striving for a better future for themselves and their homeland.

Indiscriminate killing in Thori Phatak

However, on that fateful day, their identity as students was cruelly twisted into an accusation of being ‘dacoits’ by the security forces. It’s a grim irony that in the eyes of the authorities, merely being a student could lead to such a devastating fate.

While these students were on a bus journey to Larkana, security forces halted the bus and opened fire on them without warning. This brutal act resulted in the loss of five young lives and left 15 others wounded. It also led to the unjust arrest of hundreds of Sindhi nationalists.

Today, 38 years later, justice remains elusive for these martyrs. Thori Phatak is a stark reminder of the injustices faced by Sindhi people and the need for acknowledgment and justice. It’s a call to ensure such tragedies are never repeated and to honor the memory of those who sought a brighter future for Sindh.

Various gatherings, rallies, and musical events with Sindhi national songs were organized to celebrate the day.

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