J&K police hunts illegal Rohingyas & their facilitators across the region

illegal rohingyas hunted down in j&k
J&K Police raid In Kishtwar (Photo: Police Media Centre Jammu)

J&K Police, on Tuesday, launched a massive crackdown against illegal Rohingya refugees across Jammu and Kashmir. In Jammu, a total of 7 FIRs have been registered against locals providing shelter. J&K police has said, “Action was initiated against all those who facilitated shelter and government benefits to the non-citizen Rohingyas.”

Searches, following procedure and in the presence of magistrates, were conducted at different locations in Jammu district where non-citizens were accommodated, and at the residential places of the facilitators. Illegally acquired Indian documents like PAN cards, Aadhaar cards, and bank documents, as well as other incriminating materials, were seized. The police have initiated an investigation into the matter.

J&K Police’s crackdown in Doda

Along with Jammu, J&K police also conducted raids in Doda district. In Doda, the police registered three FIRs against 10 immigrants, including Rohingyas and Bangladeshi nationals, and their facilitators. They were illegally staying in India and followed illegal procedures to obtain the Indian identity documents like Domicile Certificates, Aadhaar Cards, Ration Cards, Voter ID Cards, and PAN Cards.

‘A detailed inquiry was conducted, revealing that these Rohingyas managed to enter District Doda and illegally obtained Indian identity documents, falsely portraying themselves as permanent residents,’ the police stated.

Crackdown in Poonch

Similarly in Poonch district, the police reported the arrest of three individuals for creating a fake Aadhaar card and ration card for a Rohingya named Mohd Numaan from Myanmar. Numaan had been residing in village Dhargloon since 2013 and married a local girl, Farzana Kosser, from Dhargloon in 2016. Numaan, along with his father-in-law Nazir Ahmed, conspired to prepare fake Aadhaar and ration cards, using a fake Aadhaar card prepared in conspiracy with two others running an internet cafe in Dhargloon. During the investigation, Mohd Numaan, son of Muhib Ullah from Myanmar, was arrested on 30 Nov 2023 and is presently in judicial custody. As of now, four people have been arrested.

Crackdown in Rajouri and Kishtwar

In Rajouri district, J&K Police arrested one person from Laam area of Nowshera for facilitating a Rohingya woman named Haleema from Myanmar in district Rajouri. The arrested individual was, later, identified as Lal Din, son of Chidia, belonging to Kampla Mohra, Rajouri. It’s the second arrest in the case, and the police stated that the enquiry is ongoing with the possibility of more arrests.

Kishtwar Police conducted a crackdown against Rohingyas illegally residing in the Dachhan area. The investigation revealed that Rohingyas managed to procure documents such as domicile certificates, ration cards, Aadhaar cards, and voter ID cards illegally. During the ongoing investigation, the Police conducted house searches, recovering materials seized as evidence. Kishtwar police raided four houses of Ghulam Mohd Sheikh, Mushtaq Ahmed, Shahnawaz, and Fayaz Ahmed Chopan.

These widespread raids across Jammu and Kashmir shed light on the issues surrounding illegal Rohingya settlements and demonstrate the vigilance of Jammu and Kashmir police. Interestingly, the operation comes two months after the J&K Home Department set up a panel to identify illegal foreigners living in the UT.

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