Kashmir: DGP Dilbagh Singh orders seizure of properties owned by Kashmiri terrorists

J&K DGP Dilbagh SIngh

In a recent press conference held in Rajouri, Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbagh Singh revealed that the properties of Kashmiri terrorists who have sought refuge in Pakistan after operating in various parts of Jammu and Kashmir are being seized, with the process ongoing. The move comes as authorities aim to curtail the potential revival of militancy in the region.

DGP Singh stated, “We have a list of terrorists who are natives of J&K and were operating in various parts of the UT but have fled to Pakistan to take refuge there. Their properties are being attached and the process will continue.” He emphasized the relentless pursuit of such individuals, indicating that they would not be shown mercy if they attempted to return, as they are believed to be behind efforts to rekindle militancy in Jammu and Kashmir.

Authorities are closely monitoring these militants, who continue to promote militancy while residing across the Line of Control (LoC). Singh warned that there would be no leniency, and any return to Indian territory would result in their elimination.

According to DGP Singh, there are currently 9-12 terrorists, the majority of whom are suspected to be foreigners, operating in the Rajouri Poonch range. In fact, recent intelligence suggested that they were in transit from Kulgam-Shopian to the Rajouri-Poonch region. Security forces have already eliminated three of these militants, with efforts ongoing to track down the remaining individuals.

Strengthening VDCs

While speaking on the properties of Kashmiri terrorists being seized, Singh also praised the collective efforts of the police, army, and CRPF in successfully carrying out operations in the Rajouri-Poonch range. Furthermore, he assured that these operations would persist to eliminate any resurgence of militancy in the region, emphasizing that “we will not allow attempts from across the LoC to revive terrorism in Rajouri-Poonch range.”

The DGP also highlighted the strengthening of Village Defence Committees (VDCs), commending their crucial role in anti-terrorist operations. Addressing infiltration attempts, he reported that all major infiltration bids had been thwarted. Following recent review meetings, it was decided that police personnel would be deployed at certain points along the LoC alongside the army to further enhance the “border grid.” This collaborative effort aims to bolster border security and prevent any attempts to reignite militancy in the region.

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