Kashmiris hold ‘Martyrs Public Rights March’ demanding justice in POJK

Kashmiris in march seeking justice (Photo: X)

On May 27, the entire Pakistan-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) observed a complete shutdown and took out a procession titled ‘Martyrs Public Rights March’ in Muzaffarabad. Thousands of people participated in the march, demanding justice for the protesters who were brutally killed by the Pakistan Army during the incidents from May 10-12.

The protesters highlighted the deaths of three Kashmiri youths, namely Waqar, Chaudhary Zaheer, and Saqib Fayaz, who lost their lives to bullets fired by Pakistani Frontier Corps (FC) forces during the protests. The marchers called for accountability from the authorities responsible for the violence against peaceful demonstrators and demanded the release of incarcerated activists.

In addition to seeking justice for the slain protesters, the marchers also demanded the release of poet and journalist Ahmad Farhad, who was abducted after his coverage of the rights movement during the May 10-12 protests. Farhad’s abduction has raised concerns about the suppression of free speech and the targeting of individuals who report on human rights issues in the region.The shutdown and the march were significant demonstrations of solidarity among the people of POJK, showing their resolve to stand against oppression and demand justice for the victims of state violence. The peaceful yet powerful demonstration sent a strong message to the authorities, urging them to address the grievances of the people and ensure accountability for the actions of security forces.

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