Khalistani terrorist sympathizers have a free run in Canada

protest in canada by khalistani terrorist sympathizers
Khalistani terrorist sympathizers protesting in Vancouver (Photo: News Intervention )

Khalistani terrorist sympathizers attacked an Indian man in Vancouver during the infamous “Kill India” protest. While protesting, the Khalistani extremists burnt the Indian national flag. On being opposed by an Indian, the group of extremists beat the man. Surprisingly, the Police personnel stood watching like a mute spectators.

The incident comes in a backdrop of the ongoing radical protests by Khalistani elements in different parts of America and Europe. The protests were organized against the suspicious death of the Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Nijjar was shot dead on June 8 by an unidentified man, in Surrey, Canada. Prior to the protest, infamous “Kill India” posters were circulated targeting India’s senior diplomats in Canada.

In a similar protest outside Indian Consulate in Toronto, pro-India rally countered the Khalistani protests. Toronto Police separated the two sides and erected barricades to restrain the protesters. Furthermore, a Khalistani extremist attempted to breach the barricading, to which, the police personnel pushed him back. Later, he was apprehended by the Police. During the three hour standoff, one more Khalistani protestor was arrested for assaulting the police officer.

Canada has always been a haven of anti-India Khalistani terrorists. On the name of sacrosanct freedom of speech, the India breaking forces have for long been facilitated by the Canadian government, which has become more firm under the Khalistani appeaser Trudeau government. Being ignorant of such disrespectful acts against a sovereign nation, Canada has once again proven that it has provided tacit support to the Khalistani terrorism.

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