Landmine blast kills 3 innocent children in Waziristan

landmine blast
Caption: Corpses of children killed in landmine and their graves (Photo: PTM)

In a tragic incident, three innocent children, Noor Mohammad, Naqeem-ullah, and Fakhruddin, lost their lives in a landmine blast in the heavily militarized and securitized area of Shawal in Upper Waziristan. This region has been under the tight control of the Pakistan Army, which closely monitors every movement in and out of the area.

It is argued that the military’s presence in the region — on the pretext to maintain security — instills fear among the local population, ultimately leading to depopulation and facilitating Pakistan’s control over the area for its own strategic interests, particularly in fostering terrorist activities.

With due consideration, the families of innocent children killed have pine nut forests at the strategically crucial area.

The installation of landmines, purportedly for security reasons, are instead a death trap for innocent civilians. Local residents denounce these measures as part of Pakistan’s colonial policy, which disregards the lives and well-being of the people in the region.

The landmine explosion on innocent civilians sheds light on the disproportionate use of force by the Pakistan Army within its own territory, while terrorist elements are often harbored and utilized across borders. Such actions raise serious concerns about human rights violations and the militarization of civilian areas, further exacerbating tensions and insecurity in the region.

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